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10 Home Renovation Ideas You Could Try This Fall

From pumpkin-spiced activities to harvest festivals, there’s a lot to love about the fall season. But did you know it’s also the ideal time to renovate your home?

Fall is a great season to remodel your house due to the low demand for home remodeling services. You may also paint your house during this season since paint reacts well to the cold weather.

So, where do you start when remodeling your home this fall? Here are ten home renovations ideas to guide you through this exciting project:

1. Replace Windows

Hire a window replacement technician to give your windows a new look this fall. You may opt for glass with multiple spacers or panes to reduce frost and condensation on the windows. The technician may also install more energy-efficient windows for increased comfort and reduced heating bills.

It’s easier for caulking to stick on windows during fall because the temperatures are usually moderate. You may also find better deals on replacement parts in this season.

2. Install Swinging Patio Doors

Thanks to their versatility, swinging patio doors are a great addition to every home redesign project. You may consider them as part of your home renovation ideas for their strength and durability.

The swinging doors come with panels that swing outward or inward. The panels create a wide entryway and adequate ventilation when opened. You can get the doors in different interior and exterior finishes.

3. Give Your Kitchen a Fall-Friendly Look

Add a new backsplash to your kitchen this fall to improve its appeal. You may go for heirloom tiles or picket tiles for their durability and functionality. Installing a nature-themed wallpaper on one of your kitchen walls will also make the space more lively.

Spruce up your cabinetry with accessories such as pulls and knobs to improve their functionality. You may also hire a carpenter to install new cabinetry in the kitchen. Installing a new sink may also form part of the kitchen remodel.

4. Clean, Repair and Replace Your Gutters

Gutters help divert hundreds of gallons of water every time it rains. As they collect debris, it becomes difficult for rainwater to be channeled to the designated water tanks. With frequent inspections, you may spot blockages or signs of wear and tear on your gutters.

Fall is a great time to clean the gutters since the weather conditions are usually moderate. Have them protected with mesh guards to prevent debris from blocking them.

5. Paint Your Walls with Warm Colors

A warm pop of color can transform your house into a fall-friendly living space. Colors such as yellow, red, orange and their combinations can breathe a sense of sunshine into your rooms. They also make your house more welcoming, especially if you’re planning to host a pumpkin-spiced event.

Paint your house with lead-free paint between 10 AM and 3 PM during the fall for optimum drying times. You should also wait 24 hours to apply a second coat since paint dries slowly in low temperatures.

6. Amplify Your Home’s Texture

You may opt for a neutral palette when choosing textiles for your home remodel. Consequently, combining textiles such as heavy knits and faux furs will prepare your rooms for the cold weather.

Deep-colored velvet textiles can cozy up your rooms this fall, thanks to their soft and plush feel. You can also play around with cashmere throws and pillows to give your furniture a plush feeling. A cashmere blanket may add a luxurious touch to your beds or couch.

7. Insulate Your Attic

Hire an HVAC technician to install insulation on your attic this fall for reduced energy bills. The insulation will keep your home warm through the winter months. Depending on your area of residence, you may opt for insulating materials such as spray foam, blown-in cellulose, or blown-in fiberglass.

Home attics need at least an R-38 insulation, whose thickness ranges from 10 to 14 inches. The R-value is used in measuring the effectiveness of an insulator when it comes to preventing heat loss.

8. Power Washing

Power wash your windows and home’s exteriors to prevent mold and mildew from growing. This cleaning procedure should only be conducted on tougher surfaces such as driveways and patios. It can help make concrete and stone last longer when done regularly.

Power washing in the fall months helps prepare your exterior surfaces for the harsh winter weather. It’s also a great way of scrapping off leftover food particles and sticky drinks lying on your decks and patios.

9. Repair or Replace Your Roof

During fall, repair your damaged roof to keep your home’s interiors free of snow and ice brought by winter weather. You can also hire a roof repair technician to fix any broken chimneys or shingles.

Asphalt shingles provide better thermal sealing properties when installed in the fall months. They also adhere to the roof firmly and improve your roof’s durability.

You are likely to get better discounts for roof replacement parts during the fall due to their relatively low demand. Roof repair technicians can also guarantee ample work times during this season due to moderately decreased workloads.

10. Timeless Furniture

Shop for furniture pieces with neutral colors to give your house a timeless look this season. Neutral colors blend well with any color palette or style in residential living spaces. Use classic patterns such as plaids, stripes, botanicals, and damasks on your furniture pieces for a timeless style.

Incorporate natural materials and use traditional patterns for your house to look elegant this fall. Thanks to its rich, medium-brown tones, the Classic Walnut wood color can blend well with your decor elements.

Your timeless furniture pieces may include a classic wooden coffee table, a hanging lamp, and an upholstered headboard. Alternatively, TV units and coffee tables made of different oak tones can help you add a sense of familiarity to your living spaces.

Need More Home Renovations Tips?

You can now make your living spaces more welcoming with these home renovations ideas. Experiment with different materials, paint colors, and textiles until you find one that fits your tastes.

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