12 Incredible Things You Can Do With Text-to-Speech: a blog about the different uses for text-to-speech voices

Voice in text-to-speech solutions is AI-generated and can be slowed down or sped up. Sometimes, you want the voice to sound like a kid, sometimes as a woman; well, you can do everything with text-to-speech voices.

Here is a list of incredible things you can do with text-to-speech:

With regards to the business: Businesses, companies, app developers, publishers, and more can perform these amazing things from TTS:

  1. Enjoy a global reach: Human-like, simple, and personalized TTS voices can help you reach people globally. You can add different languages for translation so anyone can understand your text in their native language.
  2. Better user experience: Allowing speech in pre and after-sales reduces the workload of human salespeople. It also provides a customized approach and cuts down operational expenses.
  3. Save time and money: Businesses save a lot of time and money using TTS with little maintenance.
  4. Higher productivity: It helps e-learning experts and HR departments to prepare learning modules for training. It helps the workers to learn from anywhere anytime while multitasking.
  5. People with reading issues: A big chunk of the world population has some reading disability. Allowing TTS solutions in your learning/ reading material helps them understand the document better. It also wipes out illiteracy problems as people can learn without reading.
  6. Multitasking: Listening to matter enhances your flexibility by allowing you to perform different tasks side-by-side, such as cleaning, exercising, or cooking. It is recommended for busy people who don’t get time to read their favorite books. So, they can plug in their headphones and start listening.
  7. Recommended for kids: Rather than sitting glued to your desktop, you can help kids learn their study matter by listening to audio files. It protects their eyes and improves their cognitive skills.
  8. Journey mate: Allowing text-to-speech voices helps people access material while on a trip. Regardless of how bad the journey is, you have a sound to listen to without stressing your eyes.
  9. Banking and finance: TTS software helps customers transfer money into an account. With voice recognition services, banks now allow customers to access an account without a password. TTS has helped to enhance safety and customer experience by making services more accessible, customized, and dynamic.
  10. Travel and Tourism: One of the best benefits of TTS is how it helps a person reach from point X to point Y. It also helps create self-guided audio tours using synthetic voices. By adding your tour transcription into voice TTS software, you can get everything in a loud and clear voice. You don’t have to read anything.
  11. Telecommunication: TTS offers personalized messaging that the caller can interact with in an IVR system. It produces words from the record of the customer, which are read back politely.
  12. Automotive manufacturing: Car manufacturers use embedded speech solutions in the navigation systems and maps along with their telematics system. TTS makes it simpler for a driver to manage all car functions while keeping their eyes on the road.

These are a few incredible things you can do with text-to-speech voices. What do you want to do?