3 Essential Tips for How to Use SEO

Does it feel like you are constantly playing catch up with your SEO strategy? That every time you appear in a search result, a competitor is waiting around the corner to outrank you?

Welcome to the fast-changing world of SEO. While SEO can seem like a constantly moving target, there are a few tried-and-tested strategies you can apply. Don’t so can make a massive difference to your rankings.

Here is our guide to the three must-know tips on how to use SEO to get a higher ranking on Google.

1. Create a Content Plan Based on Your Target Keywords

Good keywords are central to an effective SEO strategy. If you don’t know what a keyword is, get more info here to learn about keywords and the benefits in terms of your SEO strategy.

Finding SEO keywords doesn’t mean you should go after popular keywords in an attempt to get thousands of page views.

On the contrary, it’s the quality you are after, not quantity. You should focus your effort on relevant keywords with decent traffic levels that aren’t too competitive. That’s the sweet spot.

Once you’ve finalized your list of keywords, it’s time to focus on your content. And to do that, you need to create a content plan.

A content plan is a list of posts, videos, or audio you intend to create for your website.

Each content item needs to target different primary and secondary keywords and have an enticing, keyword-rich title.

Schedule a date in your content plan for when each post will be published, and don’t forget to push your new posts out on social media too. After all, SEO isn’t the only traffic source.

2. Use Guest Posting to Build Your Quality Backlinks

Prestigious and high DA (domain authority) backlinks take time to build. Still, it’s a worthy investment of your time and money.

Getting backlinks from reputable sources is the number one way to grow your authority, both in absolute terms and as far as Google’s search algorithm is concerned.

Start by shortlisting good-quality blogs in your niche, and use a tool such as MOZ to find the DA for that website.

Contact the site owner, and pitch your idea for a guest post. Be warned. Popular sites get hundreds of requests, so don’t copy and paste your emails. Make them authentic and original if you want to convince the site owner.

3. Check Your Technical Setup With a Site Audit

Even with relevant keywords and plenty of backlinks, there is a third and final hurdle for you to overcome if you want to achieve those high search rankings in your niche. And that’s how technically robust your website is.

Being technically robust means running a website that is fast, user-friendly, and trusted. These are all vital factors Google considers before deciding where to put you on a search results page.

There are different tools and methods to measure the technical performance of a website. But the most straightforward approach is to contact an SEO marketing agency and ask for a site audit. Many will offer them for free.

It Is Worth Learning How to Use SEO

Learning how to use SEO might not be on your radar right now, but it is probably on your competitors’ radars. So it’s worth taking the time to put in place a solid SEO strategy today instead of tomorrow.

Of course,¬†your business strategy won’t stop at SEO. So for more tips on how to grow your company¬†in 2021, check out our business section now.

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