4-days week declaration by the government – how good that is for men’s health

In recent times a brave decision has been taken by the government which can potentially help a person to get elevated of their health conditions and reduce their workload in the office. The government has decided to make a proposal or establish a plan which involves four days of working in one week. 

This ensures that an average individual might have to work about 6 to 7 hours less in comparison to the previous set of rules. This potentially serves a very beneficial purpose of helping an individual to get alleviated of the bad impacts that the work-life environment can have. 

However, is it effective in actually addressing the problems that an average individual faces on a day-to-day basis?  It becomes important to figure out how this can address this problem.

How problems generated from office life impacted you

On a day-to-day basis, an average human being faces a lot of problems, particularly in their working environment. Let’s start from the problems that you face in the office, to the problems that you have to encounter coming back home. 

Office life culture has played a very bad impact on individuals lives and their health. Certainly, it has laid into the practising of lesser sleeping durations during the night and working hours have significantly increased. 

These have made an individual get under high levels of work-life pressure and succumb to stress. Now we all know about the harmful impacts that excessive levels of stress can potentially have on our bodies.

The bad impact of office life culture and how stress has completely devastated your health

This stress is certainly one of the few aspects of why office life culture has become so toxic and that is why quicker redemption and alleviation from this becomes necessary. Reduction of the office durations or rather curtailing a single day off from the week and potentially be acting as an agent for an average individual to get proper levels of time in uplifting the situations. 

It can also guarantee that their essential organs which might be under stress because of various factors either external or internal might get alleviated and can again get back to normalcy. Particularly, it is because of high levels of stress that comes from the office that our nervous system is badly getting impacted and that is ultimately creating the problem. 

So it is a good step forward to ensure that the overall workload though not is getting reduced, however, the pressure that excessive levels of stress can have is certainly getting curtailed up.

Does a lesser working day week guarantees you are getting alleviated of your current problems?

However, it does not ensure that it is enough for your health to remain activated or to be cheerful again. To conserve your health there is certain sort of protocols that needs to be incorporated on your part which you have completely forgotten particularly after joining into a working office-like. 

Like eating nutritious food is certainly one of the things that most of the people working for hours in the office have forgotten. You need to be remembering that eating nutritious food ensures that your body is quickly getting healed up after putting up through a lot of levels of mental and physical stress. 

This ensures that your body is quickly getting the sort of nutrition or the fuel that it needs to completely ensure that your body is getting the vitality to sustain longer throughout the day.

Avoiding consumption of intoxicants really necessary to assist your health

Another essential thing that needs to be given priority at this stage is to ensure that you and not enjoying eating any forms of intoxicant products. Eating or consuming intoxicant products certainly can be done for a brief amount of Time over an extensive. 

However, engaging in participating in drinking alcohol or consuming tobacco-based products over a day-to-day basis certainly puts a lot of damage to your internal organs and this can ultimately lead to the formation of various diseases. 

This might make you dependent on medications like the Vidalista or Cenforce 100, according to Fildena Reviews, and Cenforce 200 price from Powpills and certainly, you do not want to incorporate such forms of medications that have higher levels of side effects in your system. 

So to avoid these forms of conditions it becomes rather important for you to avoid excessive consumption of intoxicants and give yourself the proper opportunity of alleviating your situations. This can guarantee that you are getting alleviated of your situations at a more rapid rate and ensure that your body is getting quickly.


To conclude one can certainly be aware of the fact that decisions like actually reducing the overall working day. In a week is certainly revolutionary. This can guarantee that overall men’s health will get the right amount of time to heal itself. 

But, the time should be utilized properly by men and that is completely their own responsibility. Ensuring that you are taking the right steps in the extra day that you are getting for your body is really necessary for your health to remain active or not to get further deteriorated.


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