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Summer is a great time of year for most families to get out and vacation. Vacationing as a family can have really great benefits when it comes to family bonding. As parents, we get in a mundane way of life in our day-to-day life and although planning a vacation can be stressful, a vacation as a family can be stress-relieving for all involved. As for the kids; traveling can really expand our children’s social awareness. It also can help grow their self-confidence. And most beneficial of all, experiences are much more valuable these days than toys and things that our kids think they would rather have. As for a recommended vacation; here are 4 attractions in Island Park that are great for the whole family. 

Mesa Falls

Mesa Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in America. The breathtaking drive to the falls in itself is well worth the time. After parking, there is a small hike to be taken to get to the falls. The hike is very mild and can be done by people of all ages. You will not want to leave without first getting some pictures of the spectacular views. You will round your way back up the trail and end up at a cabin that has recently been reconstructed for tourists to learn more about the area. 

Henry’s Fork

If you are an avid fisherman or a child just along for the ride, Henry’s Fork really is an amazing experience for all. Serene views, animal sightings, fishing, floating along the river, family bonding are all things that will be enjoyed. There are plenty of places for renting in the area if fishing gear is not something that you have on hand. 

The Playmill

The Playmill is not located in Island Park but it is quite close and is highly recommended to anyone that is a fan of an amazing theatrical show put on by some great people far and wide. The owners of the Playmill have a wonderful mission statement to help people leave happier that they were coming into the Playmill. It is run by a fantastic group of people who work hard to make it an experience really worth making the drive for. They have put on hundreds of shows for up to 35,000 people and they have no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

Mack’s Inn Float Trip and Rentals

If Henry’s Fork fishing is not for you and your family, then a float down the river with no added stress is probably just what you need. Again, you will easily be able to enjoy one another’s company, the beautiful scenery and the quiet, peaceful atmosphere that this float can provide. 

Many families have different ways of traveling. You could be traveling by bus or a large motorhome. If you find yourself far from home possibly broken down in an unfamiliar transportation device Island Park towing is the place you will be best taken care of. 

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