7 glasses frames to nail a perfect office look

Can you go to the office wearing shorts and a funky t-shirt? You have to dress according to the occasion or the place you are going to.

Where those short numbers or wide-leg denim look perfect when you are chilling out in a bar on weekend with friends, they don’t speak of professionalism in the office settings.

Workplace wardrobe includes formal attire in neutral colours that give you a clean and sophisticated look. Just like casual outfits don’t work at offices, you can’t wear any pair of glasses to your workplace either.

If you wear glasses (for vision or fashion), you must be aware of the fact that glasses have a vibe of their own. Where geometric frames are perfect for your street style looks, they are not meant to be worn at the office.

Thanks to the wide variety of styles in glasses frames, finding the perfect professional frame is not difficult anymore.

Here are the top 5 styles that look absolutely stunning with your office ensembles.

Cat-eye glasses

This famous style in women’s glasses is both professional and casual based on its design and colour. Cat-eye glasses in neutral tones and soft angles work like a charm at formal settings and the shape suits every facial structure just as well.

Go for black or red cat-eye glasses that have a more professional appeal than the ones with bright vibrant colours. If you want your glasses to match all your outfits, cat-eye glasses in tortoiseshell frames is the best idea.

Rectangular glasses

The most classic and conventional shape in glasses is the most professional accessory that you can get your hands on. This style has an intellectual vibe that you could use at your office.

Get rectangular glasses in black, grey, brown or tortoiseshell tones. Due to their soft angles, these glasses look good on most face shapes. Whether you are heading for an interview or have a big presentation coming up this week, make a good impression on others with your sophisticated specs.

Browline glasses

Browline glasses are not all about business, they are about style too. So, if you like to inject a bit of fashion into your office wardrobe, browline glasses are the way to go. They don’t have a full rim and hence don’t look too formal.

The distinctive design of these designer glasses gives you a vogue appeal. Pair them up with your smart casuals and give major fashion envy to your colleagues. Since the lower half of the lenses don’t have a frame, these are lighter and more comfortable than your regular rectangular specs.

Rimless glasses

Due to the unobtrusive aesthetics of these glasses, they don’t dominate your face or take attention from your formal suit. These glasses lack design and also a frame front. So, they don’t make a fashion statement and also make for a comfortable pair of glasses that you can wear for long durations.

These glasses are almost invisible and have an understated look. But, even when shopping for rimless glasses for the office, do not go for geometric or oversized silhouettes.

Square glasses

Another specimen of vintage-inspired glasses that are perfect for a professional environment, square glasses are conservative yet extremely stylish. The defined edges of these frames give a stylish and more contemporary appeal to your office outfits.

However, steer clear of chunky square glasses in unusual patterns as they will grab attention making people think that you are not serious about your job. Get them in clean black frames with a sleek silhouette to make them more professional not hipster.

Round glasses

If you belong to an academic or accounting profile, you are good to wear these glasses. Round glasses have always been a vintage favourite for those with a sharp brain and a creative mind.

So, if you are a young professor, go for men’s glasses in a round silhouette and flaunt your style. They have an elegant appeal that doesn’t intimidate other people – a quality that you need when interacting with your students.

Oval glasses

Capturing the best of both round specs and narrow frames, oval glasses are the modern-day business accessory. With their soft curves and understated look, they perform well in every business field.

These are some of the examples of professional glasses that work like a charm in office settings. Suit up and don’t forget to make the right style statement at your office with your glasses.

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