A Few Smart Ways to Recycle Your Old Books

If you’re anything like me, books are one of those things that I can’t seem to give away. So, therefore, I end up with many bookshelves of them!

Did you know that in n 2020, the US climbed 8.2 percent, making it the best-selling year for print in a decade? But what happens to those books when they are read?

If you hate the idea of getting rid of ‘read’ books, then recycle them. Here are a few creative book recycling tips.

Why Recycle Your Old Books?

Every year, tons of books are thrown out why I have been guilty of this at some time!

Consider the environmental effect. Paper is made from trees; therefore, the more we use, the more we cut. Conversely, more paper recycled means fewer trees chopped down. Simple!!!!

Donating Books Is One of The Top Recycling Tips

Consider giving your books to your local library, school, community centers if they are in good condition. Some libraries may even take magazine contributions, mainly if they are educational.

The benefit of this is that its knowledge reaches the part of the community who cannot afford to buy them.

Donate Old Books to Local Charities

Charities are always great choices for book donations. By making a book donation, these books are often sold, and the money from the sales goes to help those in need.

Give Away Unwanted Textbooks

Students amass considerable amounts of textbooks. Rather than taking up landfill space, give them to local communities that assist those students in need.

Think internationally and donate your textbooks to international initiatives, which assists poorer countries’ instructors, and students in obtaining books that are not accessible in their own country.

Recycle Unusable Books

Paperback books that have been damaged or are no longer useable may be recycled in your curbside recycling container. To recycle your books, you may need to remove the hardcover from some volumes.

Give Them Away

Create a box labeled “Free Books.” Find a place where people wait, such as waiting rooms, a railway station, or a bus stop. Place the box labeled at that place; as usual, check with the staff to obtain permission before bringing your books in. You may even put a box in your office or school’s lunchroom.

Use Pages From Books As Wrapping Paper or Envelopes

Prepare some envelopes or use pages as wrapping paper. It’s great to have creative envelopes to place gift cards or cash in when putting them in a birthday card or presenting them as gifts. This is a fantastic idea for books that have missing or damaged pages and cannot be given.

Let’s Get Creative With Old Books!

If you’re humming and ahhing about recycling books, or the thought of letting go of a few volumes makes your heart race, consider how recycled books may make other people happy.

Furthermore, by following the above recycling tips, you make room on your shelf for additional books.

Instead of tossing your book into the wastebasket, you have a multitude of things you can do with your old books.

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