An Experts Guide To Online Poker: 5 Tips You Should Follow

There is a lot of information available these days when it comes to the game of poker. Ever since the early 2000s, this game has captivated countless millions of people from all over the world. Whether it is the opportunity to win large sums of money in a short amount of time, or all the glamour and pageantry that goes along with big events, poker has clearly burst into the mainstream and it is here to stay.

But just because it is so popular doesn’t mean it’s easy to play. The old saying “a moment to learn, a lifetime to master” is certainly as true today as it was in the days of old Vegas. Of all the ways you can play, online poker has become a go-to for many of today’s enthusiasts. So, to help you find your footing in the digital game, here are 5 crucial tips to always keep in mind:

1. Stay Within Your Bankroll

This is one of the biggest mistakes online players make, and it can be very costly. This is especially true when they have a little bit of success and the lower stakes and decide to take their winnings and jump up a level or two.

Decide exactly how much you have to play with and stick to the games that will allow you plenty of buy-ins.

2. Use Proper Hand Selection

Another thing that online players tend to do is play too many hands. It’s much easier to just call hand after hand when all you have to do is click a button. But discipline in choosing your hands is just as important in online poker as it is in brick-and-mortar play, if not more.

3. But When You Do Play a Hand, Play It Aggressively

One of the other big mistakes players make is that in addition to playing too many hands, they also don’t play them aggressively enough. Oftentimes in poker, the aggressor is the winner.

However, this doesn’t mean bluffing every time you fail to make a hand, either. Be aggressive but also be mindful of not only where you are in the hand, but where your opponent may be as well.

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4. Don’t Play Too Many Tables at the Same Time

Online poker offers something that no casino or card room ever could; the ability to play multiple tables at once.

And while this is great for the seasoned player who has excellent bankroll management skills, it is often a pitfall for many who don’t. It is better to play one or two tables at a slightly higher stake than numerous ones at lower stakes.

5. Grow Your Understanding of the Online Poker Game

The best thing you can do to conquer the tables is to continue to grow in your knowledge of the game. There is so much incredible information available these days to help you understand all the ends and outs.

From hand charts to reading tells to situational poker, a little time with a book or watching video tutorials can expand your game exponentially.

Bonus Tip: Always Play Responsibly

Nothing ruins the fun of any recreational activity like going overboard. Remember to play within your means and never with money you can’t afford to lose. See you at the tables!


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