Best CRM Software that Will Take Your Business to the Next Level  

“Instead of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction.”  –  Tony Zambito

Every business, no matter how small or big, strives to create a strong relationship with its customers. While effective communication plays a pivotal role in staying connected with the best clients, CRM software goes that extra mile in the path of interacting with customers.

CRM tool simplifies daily tasks, assists employees in delivering a five-star experience, and provides valuable insight into what your clients exactly want.

When choosing the CRM software for your business, you may consider various important factors, such as costs, features, benefits, tools available, etc. Since there is a boatload of CRM software available in the market, we have brought you a list of five systems that are best for various businesses’ requirements.

So, let’s dive deep into it!

1. Salesforce

In the realm of CRM software goes that extra mile in the path of interacting with customers, Salesforce is among the most popular names. Packed with top-notch features, the platform is quite easy to use, irrespective of its sophisticated technical aptitude.

  • It has built-in integration with Outlook, Gmail, or any of your systems, such as sales, IT, marketing, and customer service. This helps you in sharing data as well as centralizing the information for your employees.
  •  All the customizable reports, as well as dashboards, are updated in real-time, thus your employees will always have access to the most relevant and recent information.
  • Thanks to its cloud-based system, the platform allows you to keep in touch with your business, no matter where you are.
  • Besides, it keeps track of deals right from lead to completion. If your business experiences growth, you can also update your plans so that the software can function more comprehensively.
  • Upgraded plans include high-tech features, such as collaborative forecasting, territory mapping, speed dialer, and automatic lead scoring.
  • Salesforce also has a wide collection of training resources and certification programs, and it also allows you to have tailored features to cater to your business’s needs.

2.  Zoho CRM

For those sales teams and professionals who spend a great deal of time in the field, Zoho CRM is a perfect choice. With an extensive network of more than 40 business tools, Zoho CRM is packed up with comprehensive features to work seamlessly.

  • You can log customer visits, calls, and various other activities, and attach files and voice notes for references. You can set reminders, send emails, schedule activities, and do much more.
  •  The CRM software also lets you edit or retrieve data offline, thus your sales professionals will not require Wi-Fi or internet every time.
  • The global search tool of the platform allows the users to find data or information quickly. Moreover, the platform has a network of over 1 lakh customers across the world (including Bose and Netflix).
  •  Zoho also provides a forever plan for up to three users, which is completely free and includes all essential features, such as task management, workflow rules, document sharing, lead management, and a mobile application.
  •  The paid plans include the following features:

    Mass emails


    Highly advanced customization

    Real-time sales signals

    Blueprint business management


    Sales pipelines

    Inventory management

3. Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM software is heaven for the sales professionals who make, receive, and capture many calls. You just need to connect your phone number (including vanity numbers and mobile numbers) with Freshworks CRM.

  • The built-in phone features include conference calling, call transfer, call recording, and also a widget to make calls from the sales page directly.
  • You can also set custom ringtones that the customer will listen to before you answer the phone, which in turn helps in enhancing customer experiences.
  • When talking about other basic features, Freshworks includes list segmentation, account management, deal management, email sync, activity tracking of website visitors, etc.
  • Besides, you will be amazed to know that the platform also has an artificial intelligence tool, known as ‘Freddy AI’, which provides valuable deal insights, smart chatbots, and predictive contact scoring.

4. Pipedrive CRM

Being one of the most easy-to-use CRM software, Pipedrive CRM is certainly a smart choice among various sales professionals. What makes it different from other CRMs is its unique sales pipeline, which visually provides a comprehensive overview of what is the exact stage of each deal.

  •     Pipedrive’s pipeline also incorporates the use of a drag-and-drop feature, in which certain critical tasks, such as moving deals or adding contacts, can be performed easily.
  •     Everything from the reporting tools and communication tracking to workflow automation and customizable pipelines is focused on enhancing sales performances.
  •     The platform also has an integrated AI tool that can analyze your business’s past performance and maximize profits in the future.
  •     Other important features of the platform are as follows:

    Straightforward UI

    Easily accessible mailbox

    Sync with Google Calendar or Outlook

    Smart contact data (which works by retrieving known data, both social and work data, for contacts)

5. HubSpot CRM

Businesses who prefer top-notch reporting tools and valuable performance insights should always go for HubSpot CRM.

  •  Including more than 90 report templates to choose from, HubSpot CRM software is a free forever plan that helps your company to use data for strategizing business decisions and improving the performance of the sales team.
  •  The report features include sales-funnel metrics, deal forecasts, sales insights on productivity and performance, to name a few. In addition, HubSpot CRM also creates reports on chat as well as email conversations and the paid version has a custom report builder.


CRM software is much more than maintaining a list of customer’s contacts. Besides tracking every interaction with your staff and customers, it can provide a multitude of methods to improve your business. From tracking, analyzing, and retrieving the data to organizing and strategizing business plans, CRM software can take your business to an unprecedented scale.

So, set a budget, make a feature list, analyze the current market needs, consider reviews and ratings of the topmost CRM software, and then choose the best one for your business.

Make a wise decision today to take your business to the zenith of growth!


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