Best Devices for Streaming Video Content

Video Streaming has become a thing these days, pushing cable TV to the boundaries. Streaming has made individual entertainment a little less of a feat. The market is teeming with Video streaming platforms, each competing for the other making the choice more difficult. They have the ability to convert your boring living room environment instantly to an entertainment paradise.

From sticks to boxes and cubes, I have listed down multiple streaming devices that have excelled in various fields when compared to the others available in the market. The top considerations being the best high-end streamer, best for gamers, best for Amazon fanatics, and the best for on-budget streamers.

Before you dive into the best offers by each streaming device and see which one fits your needs better, let us make sure you have a great internet connection to support streaming. In case you have been thinking to switch, quickly go through the Xfinity deals to have an idea of what the best internet service provider in the US has to offer.

Roku Streaming Stick+: Best Overall Streamer

This is the perfect choice for someone who wishes to stream 4K and HDR through an easily understandable interface. This one has the best price-to-feature ratio when compared to several other sticks available in the market. You can even enjoy Dolby Atmos quality Audio, and 4K HDR display via a device that will conveniently hide behind your TV. Owing to its latest 802.11ac MIMO dual-band wireless support, you can set it up anywhere within your home’s Wi-Fi range. All you need is a TV with an HDMI port, even better if it has an available USB port to power the stick conveniently.

The Best Premium Streamer: Apple 4K TV

This one with a $100+ price tag is a good choice for those who have an eye for such detail and can appreciate the features it comes with. Some of the star features include Dolby Vision HDR, Dolby Vision HDR compatibility, to-notch voice control features, an attractive remote, flexibility in up conversion and nothing less to be expected from Apple, a simple yet functional user interface. The Apple 4K TV is equally good even for someone who is not an “Apple Person”.

Best for Gamers: Nvidia Shield TV

A $150 price tag without game controllers is a hefty one, no doubt. However, if you have been looking for a streamer that is good for everything, Nvidia Shield it is. It comes equipped with a whole library of games both console level and Android ones, on top of 4K and HDR video quality media player. Moreover, it boasts having a Google Assistant with a complete built-in smart home control, integrated with HDHomeRun, a steam link, Plex server capability, NAS access, and whatnot.

Best Budget Streamer: Roku Express

Roku Express conveniently comes within the price of a Blu-ray movie disc. Imagine getting a complete media streamer within the price of a movie disc. It offers all the goodness of an average Roku platform with a remote, and HDMI cable and a sticker for easier installation on top of that. This one meets most of your streaming needs without costing you a limb.

Best for Google Assistant Users: Google Chromecast

Chromecast is one of the cheapest ways to stream videos on your TV. Unlike most streamers, it does not come with remote control, instead, it uses a combination of Mobile phone and Voice control of a Google Assistant to call shows, control and search them via voice commands.

Most convenient Features: Roku Ultra

A $100 price tag makes it the most expensive Roku of them all. However, if you are the one who will not settle for anything less than everything will then Roku Ultra is the one for you. The image quality and the operating system in Roku Ultra is more or less, the same as Roku Stick.

However, it comes with a remote finder for someone as forgetful as myself. Its controller also has two additional buttons that can be customized to our desired services. On top of this, Roku Ultra has a lot more to offer, to justify that $100 price point.

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