Business Pitch Deck Explained In Layman Terms

The right pitch deck helps you make a choice about everything that’s important. Let everything else go!

Still, struggling to understand what’s a startup pitch deck? It’s time that you learn everything about the startup pitch deck in layman language.

Let’s begin!

Every businessman knows that their organization needs finances. Most often, the finance comes from external sources.   It means you need to communicate your business idea to the potential financiers. And, that too in such a way that they get thrilled about investing in your business. In other words, it’s time for a pitch deck to get into the picture.

Definition of Business Pitch Deck

  • A business pitch deck is a brief outlay of your business plan, services, growth traction, etc.
  • It’s a business presentation for clients and potential investors.
  • It’s also called startup or investor pitch deck.
  • The best pitch decks help potential investors learn everything about your business.
  • The primary aim of the pitch deck is to make it to the next move.
  • It’s not only about funding but about getting people excited about your business idea.
  • Secure funding is a multi-step technique. The best pitch deck is like a cherry on the cake.
  • Every business wants to present an idea to its investors. Pitch decks are those ideas that communicate between a business and an investor. It intrigues them and helps in engagement with your investors.
  • Startup pitch decks consist of many slides. That’s because it tells you a compelling story about the business.
  • You can put together a pitch deck with Powerpoint, or modern tools to stand out.

What’s Included in The Best Pitch Decks?

It’s appealing to present information in front of your investors. As a startup business owner, every part of your business is crucial. but, the best pitch decks are short and easy to comprehend.

The best rule is to include not more than 19 slides in your pitch deck. Many different opinions about the pitch deck exist online. But, when you look at a successful pitch deck, it has 10 key slides.

The best pitch deck representation includes –

Introduction – where you tell investors who you are and why you exist

  • Problem – where you identify two or three problems that your services will tackle
  • Solution – where you present a clear solution that investors can follow
  • Market size and opportunity – where you identify the market opportunities and size
  • Product – where you flaunt your actual products or services that your business sells
  • Traction – where you focus on the growth, goals, and next move of your startup
  • Team – where you introduce your team members
  • Competition – where you define your competitors and explain your next goals
  • Financials – where you talk about the financial knowledge that’s required for growth
  • investment and use of funds – where you communicate with your investors about funds.

All the above points are a must in your pitch decks. These important slides in your pitch deck will make it the best pitch deck. Throw light upon each one of them.

Begin your pitch deck journey gracefully.