“CBD” hemp oil extract You know, it can help you be beautiful






“CBD” Cannabidiol, hemp oil extract, has many benefits and is now known as the hero of the cosmetic industry. Because this substance is suitable for all skin types. Add moisture anti-aging and treat acne as well.

After the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) announced a law containing cannabis, hemp as an ingredient, it has been determined that non-drug parts are bark, stem, fibers, branches, and roots leave that are not attached. Inflorescence and residue from extraction And cbd öl schweiz or extract and Cannabidiol extract “CBD,” which contains not more than 0.2% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by weight, can be used in cosmetics. On May 18, 2021, it will add value to the cosmetic market and benefit the agricultural sector, cannabis, and hemp growers. And it is an opportunity for Thailand to step into the competition in the cannabis industry, hemp at the international level.

The CBD compound, or cannabis diol, is one of several compounds. The body of the cannabis flower, which is safe and comes with various properties. Mixed in cosmetics Let’s see how this substance helps us to be beautiful. I must say that this substance is Suitable for all skin types because of its oil-controlling properties. If you have dry skin, It will also promote the production of cbd öl schweiz for replacement. If you have oily skin, It stops the skin’s excessive production of oil. Ready to add moisture to the skin and nourish the skin at the same time. It contains vitamins A, D, and E and fatty acids to help keep skin looking healthy. Contains antioxidants anti-aging properties Anti-aging With natural CBD extract and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s not just acne that can be treated, but skin diseases can be treated as well.

And in Thailand, there are cosmetic products from cannabis, hemp, ready to compete in the world market by “Pla Ploen Community Enterprise,” in collaboration with iColor, has researched and developed a pilot project, which is Cannabis Leaf Powder product. Facial mask, a product that uses CBD in cosmetics, must say that it is the first cannabis-derived cosmetic product in Thailand that has to Notify the product with the FDA already. The future is sure to be in the sector. Cosmetics Industry in Thailand There will be different products related to CBD extract, whether facial and body care products. Hair products, of course.

What should we look out for in products containing CBD?

After listening to various opinions from experts, Who wants to try this new star ingredient combination product? We have some preliminary recommendations. And a list of exciting products sold abroad and then left it for you to try first. And we have to continue to see if this trend in our home beauty with CBD from hemp will arrive soon or not.

Check the ingredient label.

Look for the words CBD, Cannabidiol, Hemp Extract, cbd öl schweiz, as some brands may promote the use of hemp extract. Still, there are no CBD ingredients because, in addition to CBD, there is another substance, namely: Hemp Seed Oil, which is extracted from the seeds of hemp. The advantages of antioxidants are similar to CBD, but the concentration is lower than that of CBD extracted from the stem, leaves, and flowers. When choosing a product, consider this point.

  • Choose products with ingredients extracted from quality sources, Products should be standardized and contaminated to a minimum, for example, certified organic. or has a seal of approval like USDA.
  • Clean, no chemicals, the extraction process is essential. It must be ensured that it is clean and free of chemicals. It is recommended that CBD be extracted using ethanol and carbon dioxide. Not just a cold extraction process.
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