Characteristics You Should Consider in a Moving Company

We all move our home at least once in a lifetime and the most challenging part of moving is finding the right and reliable moving company. You just cannot take this decision lightly as all the belongings that you have accumulated in your life are involved. Choosing the right moving company is very important for the safety of all that you own. Most companies offer services including packing, loading, transporting, and unloading but they also provide additional services like temporary storage and de-assembling furniture.

Moving home is a tedious job and finding the right moving company to stay away from moving scams is the toughest part of this process. If you are moving home soon and are confused about the characteristics of a good moving company, here we present some basic points that you should consider:

Operative History of the Company

A company with a good operational history is the right choice. Such companies are mostly family-owned businesses operating for years. Always look for the operational history of your chosen company if you want to hire a reputable and reliable moving company for your move.

Licensed and Insured

A good professional moving company has all the required documents related to the business. No matter if the company operates locally or interstate, make sure they have a working license and meets the standards and regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The company must have a US DOT number issued by the Department of Transportation. If moving interstate, the company must have a working license for both current and destination states.

It carries all mandatory workers’ compensation and insurance documents and follows all the rules and regulations set under the Workers’ Compensation Act. Having these insurance documents and certifications is a must for a good moving company and should be considered as a mandatory characteristic as it offers workers compensation for the injuries incurred during their employment. It shows the company’s responsibility towards its employees.

Accurate Estimates and Efficient Customer Services

A professional moving company provides accurate moving estimates by visiting the site. They prefer visiting your house to understand your stuff and move well and avoid any verbal or telephonic quotes and commitments. They will send a company representative who will clearly instruct and advise you on your move and will also list the things that need special attention and care while packing and moving. They are capable of handling delicate and heavy goods without any extra charges. A good and reputable moving company is often honest at quoting prices and has no hidden costs and their moving quotation does not change after the move.

Moving companies often charge based on time so their workers need to be efficient in their work. Packing, lifting, and loading moving boxes need a lot of strength and management so make sure the workers are skilled and capable of handling the move.

Have Trained and Skilled Professional Team

A good and reputable company has its own skilled professionals to take care of all moving-related tasks. Make sure you choose a company that has its own expert team to handle the packing, lifting, and transporting of the goods. Some companies outsource their work which is a wrong practice so it is wise to know about the company staff in advance. The company professionals are often dressed up in uniform and are fully trained for their work. They know how to use moving equipment well and are respectable to their clients.

Own a Fleet of Vehicles and Moving Equipment

It is important for a good moving company that it has its own fleet of vehicles and moving and packing equipment. They have their own pool of vehicles of varied sizes to handle all small and big moves. Company names, labels, and addresses are often displayed on their vehicles. The moving and packing equipment includes dollies, cardboard or plastic boxes and containers, tapes, moving pads, and blankets, bubble wraps, plastic sheets, and packing paper. Owning right moving and packing tools and equipment enable them to pack goods safely and lift and move heavy furniture easily, efficiently, and without any damage.

Reviews and Ratings

A reputed and reliable moving company must have good online reviews and ratings. Most companies post testimonials of past customers on their websites. You can also check reviews on business rating company websites to be sure about the company’s services. Though one bad review doesn’t make the company a bad service provider, having too many unsatisfied customers is definitely a red flag. Also, see how the company deals with a negative review and what kind of after-service is provided by them. A good company has a good reputation in its city and often stands out in the crowd of similar companies.

These are the key considerations when hiring a moving company to help you with your moving needs.


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