Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Nowadays, coronary heart disease (CHD) is a fairly common pathology, especially in older age. This disease can significantly worsen the overall condition of the patient, causing severe discomfort and resulting in a decrease in overall quality of life. The main negative consequences of CHD are heart failure and myocardial infarction.

To avoid severe cardiovascular disorders, patients should start treatment as soon as possible. Today, the leaders in the treatment of heart diseases are Germany, Israel and Turkey. The most common and effective procedure performed by surgeons here is coronary artery bypass surgery.

How does it work?

CABG or coronary artery bypass grafting is a common surgical treatment for  . This method has confirmed its safety and effectiveness. Over decades, foreign hospitals have accumulated great experience and achieved significant success in performing these operations. Due to the availability of modern equipment in foreign hospitals, coronary artery bypass grafting is a relatively simple intervention now.

The main purpose of coronary artery bypass is to improve cardiac circulation when a blockage has occurred in one or several coronary arteries due to atherosclerosis or other diseases. The bypass surgery makes it possible to restore blood flow to the heart.

During the procedure the doctors create a shunt, i.e. a vessel bypassing blocked sections of the coronary arteries. Surgeons use part of another patient’s vessel as a shunt, this allows for its faster healing and proper functioning. The most frequent donor material for coronary artery bypass is the internal thoracic artery.

Advanced treatment options abroad

The choice of surgical treatment depends on the results of instrumental examinations and assessment of the degree of the cardiac arteries obstruction. If the patient has no comorbidities and his vascular structure allows, doctors can use endoscopic treatment methods.

In modern hospitals, the da Vinci robotic surgery system is often used for coronary artery bypass surgery. This significantly improves the accuracy of the procedure. The advantages of performing CABG with da Vinci robotic system are:

  • Reduced pain due to the absence of large incisions after surgery
  • Reduced blood loss compared to open-heart surgery
  • Lower rates of complications after surgery
  • Faster recovery after treatment


Cardiac rehabilitation is necessary after any type of surgery on the coronary artery. The only difference is how long it takes. Recovery after endoscopic artery bypass treatment will be much faster compared to the open-heart surgery. After the first days of careful monitoring in the intensive care unit, the patient is transferred to another department for further follow-up and rehabilitation.

The recovery process itself takes a few weeks on average. During this period, an individual diet is recommended for the patient, as well as a plan of physical activity aimed at adaptation of the heart to the conditions of the environment. After a rehabilitation period, patients can return to an active lifestyle.

Cost-effective treatment during pandemic

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