Debunking the Most Common Divorce Myths That Exist Today

Around 15% of marriages end in divorce—because sometimes, life just doesn’t work out the way we’ve imagined it.

However, divorce is one of those things most of us don’t know much about, until we find ourselves needing to get one. As a result, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions about the whole divorce process.

To help you, here are some of the most common divorce myths to watch out for—plus, a few truths!

Any Lawyer Can Handle Your Divorce

It doesn’t matter what legal practice you hire—they can all handle a divorce, right? Not so fast, as divorce law is an extremely specialized skill.

Hiring a criminal defender to look after your divorce is like hiring a mechanic to clean your house–it just won’t work!

If you need help with your separation, hire a lawyer who only handles divorce cases. The best divorce attorney can get you amazing results and a generous settlement.

Mothers Always Get Custody of the Children

Many fathers are concerned that only mothers get custody of the children in divorce. Luckily, custody is always decided on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the best interests of the children.

This is an old-fashioned way of thinking about child-rearing—luckily, times have changed and the courts make decisions based on the children themselves.

In most custody agreements, both parents will get plenty of quality time with their little ones.

I Can’t Afford to Get Divorced

It’s normal to worry about the cost of getting divorced, but it’s likely not as expensive as you might think. If the divorce is amicable and both parties are able to agree on how to split the assets, then you can file for divorce quite cheaply.

Divorces are mainly expensive when lawyers are needed to help both parties reach an agreement.

Divorces Are Terrible and Traumatic

You might be concerned that your divorce is going to be a horrible process—a battle against your ex. However, a divorce doesn’t need to be so bad!

For example, if you’ve both grown apart and are ready to go your separate ways, the divorce can be a blessing, helping you both move on.

Not sure if a divorce is right for you? In that case, try out a legal separation first, letting you both see what it’s like to spend some time alone.

Watch Out for These Common Divorce Myths

The more you know about divorce, the less intimidating it will be. If you find yourself getting caught up in one of these common divorce myths, remind yourself that they aren’t true!

Although it’s never enjoyable to go through a divorce, it all comes down to how you and your partner handle it. If you’re both able to act maturely and responsibly, the process will be complete before you know it.

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