Details and Unique Ideas for Choosing a Professional Custom Canopy Tent

Choosing a professional custom canopy tent can be a daunting task especially knowing that there are tons of canopy tents available for purchase. But no need to panic, we will provide details and unique ideas which will make choosing a professional custom canopy tent easier for your next event. In fact, when you are about to choose a professional custom tent, think about your event goals, the custom tent’s accessories, the fabric of the tent and the high-resolution printing.

Event goals

The goals of your event is the first idea to keep in mind when choosing a customize tent for your professional event. Are you organizing the event to make people know your business or are you planning the event in order to get people to discover your products or a new one? Depending on your goals, you can choose a simple tent with only its roof covered. When you are thinking about showcasing your products, a better option is to choose a tent with not only its roof covered but also its walls covered. You will then have more space to print images and texts which are necessary for people to remember the important features of your products.

Fabric of the tent

Another important detail to think about is the fabric of the tent. Your staff and the public as well, will feel more at ease under a tent with a fabric which is designed to protect from the heat as well as the rain and all other challenges related to the weather. It is also necessary that the fabric allows you to get a printing of quality. Durability is another determining factor when choosing customized tents. Signleader Display has thought about these details for the tents it has in store. 10×10 canopy tents and tents of other sizes have those features which will help you reach your event goals.


It is also a great idea to add accessories when buying custom canopy tents. These accessories will be additional marketing tools. They will also turn your event tent into a one-of-the-kind tent. These accessories are a table cover, two single-sided teardrop flags, and two custom medium pop up. 10×10 custom tent available in Signleader display store and other sizes like 10×15 event tents come with these useful accessories. For example, you can find two 10×10 event tents having these features which cost only $2,499.99 and $2,199.99. These are the Custom 10×10 Pop Up Canopy Tent Combos 11 for Events and the Custom 10×10 Pop Up Canopy Tent Combos 12 for Events. The first is available with all the accessories mentioned. The second doesn’t include custom pop up but you can order them to add it to the tent. Let’s emphasize that their nice design will raise the public’s interest.

High-resolution printing

Finally consider a high-resolution printing for your custom tents. Needless to say, high-resolution printing will help you get the best out of your event tents. With the high-resolution printing, your images and texts will look great, raise the interest of the public and even help you reach your marketing goals. Thanks to a high-resolution printing, people will learn more about your company and your products. This is very important as it can convert them into clients.


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