Diabetes 101: 3 Ways to Find Relief for Swollen Diabetic Feet

Diabetes can cause your body to stop producing enough insulin or any insulin at all. When this happens, you begin to have higher levels of sugar in your bloodstream. These high levels of sugar can cause damage to your blood cells, which in return causes swelling in your feet.

When you’re faced with swollen diabetic feet, it’s uncomfortable. You’re always looking for ways to reduce the swelling and find comfort once again. Because diabetes and swollen feet are linked to one another, it’s important to know how to reduce these effects.

In the guide below, you’ll find several helpful tips for relieving swollen feet caused by diabetes.

1. Wear Compression Socks

One of the first options you have is to wear compression socks. Compression socks help reduce the swelling by placing pressure on your feet. This helps improve circulation, which then allows the swelling to go down.

Compression socks come in a variety of compression levels. For this reason, it’s important you use your compression socks in the correct manner and with the right compression levels. To determine these factors, make sure to speak with your doctor.

2. Wear Diabetic Shoes

Did you know there are shoes made specifically for people with diabetes? That’s right! If you’re constantly dealing with swollen and painful feet, then you’ll want to invest in a pair of diabetic shoes.

How are diabetic shoes made differently than regular shoes? Diabetic shoes do have a few different features. For example, diabetic shoes for men have added backing and support on different areas of the shoe where impact points are the highest, such as the curve of the foot.

3. Keep Feet Elevated

Keeping your feet elevated will also help with the swelling. If you know you’re going to be seated for a long period of time, then it’s best to prepare to keep those feet up. The best way to elevate your feet is to place them above your heart.

However, this isn’t always possible, so do your best with what you have. When sitting at a desk, you can install a small hammock underneath it to place your feet in. If you’re sitting on the couch, then you can use pillows or blankets to prop your feet up with.

It’s also important to note that your body needs to stay hydrated at all times. Avoid drinking too much soda or caffeine, and focus on drinking lots of water. Always discuss hydration with your doctor in regards to your specific type of health condition as well.

Do You Suffer From Swollen Diabetic Feet?

Have you been suffering from swollen diabetic feet? Swollen feet and legs from diabetes can be painful and uncomfortable. Rather than dealing with the pain, use the information given in this guide above to help reduce the amount of swelling you have in your feet.

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