Diablo 2: Resurrected – Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Even players who have already gained experience in Diablo 2 will still be surprised by some of these tips and tricks. In contrast to Diablo 3 or other current games, Diablo 2 was only reported in print magazines for a long time, so that there are hardly any good German sources on the Internet for insider knowledge. We want to change that and give you useful knowledge for the public beta phase, which will soon start.

We have divided the tips and tricks into categories so that you have a better overview.


There is often a small hut in the Blutmoor with a bed in it. If you click on the bed, a little treasure will open up, which contains a particularly large number of Diablo 2 Resurrected items.

Potions that increase your respective resistance by 10% maximum resistance for 30 seconds can be stacked in their duration.

Do not click a shrine of the gem until you have an important but imperfect gem in your inventory. This is actually improved by a whole level at the moment of activation.

Merchants reduce prices once per act by 10% by completing a specific task. The tasks are: save Deckard Cain (A1), kill Radament (A2), find Lam Essen’s tome (A3) and kill Izual (A4). Act 5 has to be considered separately here, where dealer costs start at 180% and are halved after Shenk’s death.

While entering a message you can use the arrow keys up or down to scroll through your already sent messages.

Talking to Warriv and going back to Act 1 is much faster to get to a waypoint if you’ve just started Act 2.

If you hold down the Shift key while using the hotkey of an equipped potion, your mercenary will receive the potion immediately.

Use the teleporter to briefly jump to another area and back again. With this method you can completely regenerate the dealers’ offer.

If you are with the cursor in the menu for character values and builds, you can hold the mouse over the values “attack” or “defend” and see how high the probability is to hit a monster or to be hit yourself.

The often mentioned “/ players 8” trick only works in single player mode, not in B.net. By entering this command in the chat window, the game content is calculated as if you were to slaughter monsters with a group of 8 players.

D2R Items

You can easily refill the tome of the city portal or the tome of identification at the dealer by holding down the shift key in the trading window and clicking the right mouse button. (This also works with the belt and the potions it contains.)

You should always repair items that you sell in advance. In this way, the sales value can be increased significantly so that it far exceeds the repair costs.

If you die and you don’t have enough inventory space for all of your magic potions from your belt, the potions will drop first from right to left. So if you want to use a certain potion on the way to your corpse after death, it is worth placing this potion in the belt on the far left.

Items with affixes like +% to fire damage or +% to lightning damage are not multiplied separately as in Diablo 3, but are only added to the current total. So you are weaker in Diablo 2.

Special game mechanics

If you encounter an elite pack that is causing you difficulties, you can try to lure the minions away and position the leader so that he can no longer see you. The henchmen will still run after you, but will no longer attack, so you can kill them better.

The super elite packs that Baal sends out in waves in the first phase of combat do not drop any more or better loot than other elite packs.

Monsters whose level is significantly above or below your player level only give a fraction of the experience. From player level 25, this penalty only applies to significantly weaker monsters.

The attributes for fast running / walking have no (realistic) limit, so increases always bring an advantage.

There are three visual indicators of attack in combat. Pink splashes represent a violent blow (crushing blow), red swirls for life robbery and blue swirls for mana robbery.

Health and mana potions have the chance, depending on your vitality / energy values, to have the double effect. However, from 200 points in vitality or energy there is then a decreasing effectiveness on the increase in chances.

The standard value of the light radius is 13 and is limited to 18. If you already have a hellfire torch in your inventory (+8 on light radius), you have already reached the upper limit.

Fatal hits and critical hits have the same effect, but are calculated separately (one after the other). First a possible critical hit is calculated, then the fatal hit. They can never be triggered at the same time.

Increasing% resistances is always underestimated by many. An increase from 75% to 80% cold resistance means that out of 2500 cold damage at 75% resistance, you only suffer 2000 at 80% resistance. That makes a huge difference whether you survive a hit or not.

If you equip your mercenary with items that increase Magic Find, it will not work if you inflict the fatal blow on a monster. However, if your mercenary causes the fatal blow, both the mercenary’s Magic Find and your equipped Magic Find are calculated.

Poison shrines make you completely immune to poison for the duration of the effect.


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