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There are several types of extracts and concentrates, which have higher cannabinoid and terpene concentrations than a flower but no plant material. For instance, a concentrate may contain up to 90% THC but a smoking flower may only contain 10–25% THC. With a smaller dose and higher price, concentrates can give you equal advantages over flowers. Additionally, because concentrates typically don’t smell as strongly as flowers, they are more covert for persons who don’t want to flaunt their love of marijuana to the world.

While concentrates are affordable and underrated, they don’t produce the same intense feelings as a smoking flower. Concentrates, on the other hand, can assist medical patients in achieving certain benefits more quickly and easily, such as pain or depression treatment, because they contain more terpenes. You’ll typically feel more head high from them than a body high.

Are you new to the world of concentrates and looking for the best ways to use dabs? Look nowhere else. Read on to know more about how to use and enjoy your cannabis concentrates by reading on.

What are Concentrates? 

Concentrated cannabis plant extracts are known as cannabis concentrates. They can be found in various forms, such as oils, budders, shatters, waxes, rosin, hash, kief, etc. They are incredibly adaptable, and people like them for various reasons since they are available in such a wide variety of consistencies and flavors.

For instance, cannabis concentrates are more potent than cannabis flowers. They are created by removing all of the components of the cannabis plant and just keeping the cannabinoids and terpenes. They range from 70 to 99% THC, whereas flowers typically have 15 to 30% THC. Cannabis concentrates and cannabis flowers both have many advantages. However, the effects of concentration stay longer. Additionally, a gram of cannabis concentrate will cost less than 1/8th of a gram of flower because it will last you much longer. Since concentrates don’t smell as intensely as flowers, they also tend to be more covert.

Finding a concentrate that is the best fit for you might be challenging, though, because there are so many different types available. Fortunately, we’re describing some of the various applications for concentrates so you can make an easier decision for yourself the next time you visit the dispensary.

Ways To Consume Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates can be used in many different ways outside of smoking or dabbing them. 

Below mentioned are a few well-liked ways to use concentrates.

  • Dabbing Concentrates

One of the best ways to consume concentrates is through dabbing. Dabbing allows for the ingestion of all common BHO or CO2 concentrations as well as items like rosin and live resin. A dab rig, quartz nail or banger, flame, dab tool, carb cap, and one gramme of concentrates are required for dabbing. With your dab tool, scoop out a tiny amount of the concentrate, place it to the bottom of the banger, and then cover it with the carb cap to dab. The concentrate is then heated with the torch until it vaporizes, and you inhale through the dab rig.

When the rig is clean after exhaling the dab’s vapor, you should use rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab to remove any remaining oil. People like this procedure since it is more covert and has powerful, long-lasting effects.

  • Making Topicals from Concentrates

Cannabis oils and distillate with the complete spectrum can be used to create topicals. They’re a fantastic method to take advantage of the various effects of concentrates without getting high. Most topicals won’t get you high since they can’t go into your bloodstream, but they can still relieve pain in various body parts. However, concentrated cannabis oil can be added to a mixture with other carrier substances to create transdermal topicals, which can seep into the circulation and have intoxicating effects. People adore topicals for chronic pain and inflammation, burns, psoriasis, abrasions, insect bites, and infections without getting high. They are utilized by dabbing them directly onto the body’s sore and inflamed areas.

  • Smoking Concentrates

The ideal approach to smoke dabs is to include them in your preferred cannabis flower smoking technique if you have more substantial concentrates on hand, such as crumble wax or shatter. One of the best methods for dabbing without a setup is this method. Your bowl, pipe, blunt, or joint will burn more evenly, last longer, and feel more intense if concentrates are added to it. Try adding crumbly concentrates, kief, shatter or hash to your rolls, bowls, or pipes. 

  • Vaping concentrates

Concentrates may be loaded up, carried with you, and used as needed when vaping, making it the most discrete and practical way to consume them. A vaporizer made for concentrate consumption can be used to vape the majority of dabbable concentrates. You must load your concentrate into the vaporizer chamber per the manufacturer’s instructions to vape concentrates. After heating the gadget, breathe in via the mouthpiece. Similar to dabbing, but more portable and with fewer moving elements, the concentrates will vaporize.

  • Edibles from Concentrates

Even though distillate is the finest concentration for edibles, making edibles is an excellent way to use excess concentrates. Since distillate is a pure THC oil with no other terpenes or plant matter, it feels strong but doesn’t taste like marijuana. Before cooking, prepare your favorite recipe and add your ideal portion amount to the mixture to create edibles from the distillate. Edibles are popular because they are discrete, simple to manufacture, and have effects that can last for up to 8 hours. 

  • Tinctures or capsules from concentrates

Many prefer turning their concentrates into tinctures or pills if dabbing, smoking, or vaping are inconvenient or inconsistent. Concentrated cannabis oils are used to create tinctures, capsules, and tablets. Since they are the easiest to dose and can last up to 8 hours, many people prefer tinctures or capsules to other concentrate intake methods. To use them, you need to hold a tincture under your tongue for around 5 minutes so that the glands beneath your tongue may absorb the cannabinoids into your bloodstream. Like edibles, tinctures, tablets, and capsules can also be ingested; however, they take a little longer to take effect.

Last but not least, there are numerous ways to take marijuana concentrate each with advantages and disadvantages. Which one is your favorite out of the ones you’ve tried?



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