Don’t Forget to Do These Things on Move in Day

Are you moving to a new home? Moving can be a stressful and hectic experience if you’re disorganized or unprepared for it. But if you start cleaning, packing, and delegating responsibilities early, you can breeze through the process.

Read on to learn what you need to remember to do on move in day!

Get Organized with a House Moving Checklist

When you’re moving to a new home, start by creating a checklist of duties. While you’re at it, recruit family members or friends to shoulder some of the load. You want to stay organized from the start with so many moving parts!

Create a calendar so you know when professional movers — or some generous friends — are coming over to help. Map out weekly packing goals so you stay on target to have everything gathered or boxed.

Declutter Before Move In Day 

Decluttering your home means that you won’t take items with you that you don’t want to keep. Be brutally honest when you’re going through your closet and toss any clothing you haven’t worn in the past year. Then donate old dishes or furniture to local second-hand shops.

If you still need to sell your current home, you’ll complement strong curb appeal with less clutter inside. Potential buyers will think your home is more spacious when they enter it! And just remember that what seems like a hassle now will translate into fewer items to unpack later.

Get the Right Insurance

Wondering what to do on move in day? Moving home also means staying up to date on insurance. If you’re currently renting and buying a home, be sure to cancel your renter’s insurance once you take possession of the home.

Likewise, set up a homeowner’s insurance policy with a reputable agent. Consider what extras you might want for coverage, such as sewer backup. When you’re living in an older home or risk-prone area, these additional coverages can be wise.

Track Inventory of Your Items

Have you been packing boxes mindlessly? Stop what you’re doing and grab a marker. Labeling boxes will help you track inventory much more easily.

It also will allow you to give more concrete instructions to the movers. You can direct them to the right room with each item so you won’t have to move anything later. Use plenty of tape to secure your boxes and write down the contents of each box on a separate list.

And keep track of your televisions, too. Once they arrive at your new house, check with for help mounting your tv or installing an antenna. You don’t want to miss your favorite games or shows!

Prepare for Moving into a New House 

Move in day can mark an exciting change in your life. When you’ve secured home insurance and signed all necessary forms ahead of time, you’ll gain peace of mind. And when you have good helpers assisting with packing and loading, the process will be faster.

To find more tips to make your life easier, check back for new and informative articles!

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