Fashion Mannequins are not Just for Store Front Display

There are many uses of a single product often. The product might be intended for a single use to begin with. However, over time, people come up with more and more use of the same product in an innovative way. Fashion mannequin or clothing mannequins are such products where they are not just used to showcase garments, they are also used to shoot product photography for ecommerce stores. Ghost mannequin editing is done once the photoshoot is completed.

How many types of fashion mannequins are out there?

There are few different kinds of fashion mannequins. There are male and female mannequins, there are child mannequin, etc. There are some specialized mannequins as well. For example, there are mannequins that will only display certain parts of the body. There are invisible mannequins as well that are used to dress the mannequin for ghost  mannequin photography.

Invisible mannequins are just like that, they are invisible. Well, not quite invisible as the name suggests. In reality, they are very much visible. Reason people call them invisible because once dressed, the mannequin is no longer visible. Dressing these types of mannequins is bit of a chore. It takes careful attention as it needs precise alignment of the mannequin with the garment.

Why Ghost Mannequin Editing is Needed?

No matter whether you use typical retail store mannequin or invisible mannequin dummy, ghost mannequin editing is a must. Invisible or transparent mannequin dummy sellers would like you to think that there will be no need of photo editing if you use their dummy. In reality, image you get from this type of mannequin is nowhere close to professional photo editing service.

With professional photo editing service, photoshop experts use the mannequin photography to edit and create professional looking ghost mannequin photography. There is a right way of doing things and short cut way of doing things. If you take the easy way rather than the right way, you do not get the professional looking image.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Invisible Mannequin Photography Edited?

Every business must consider the cost of running business. Idea behind the business to incur as little cost as possible and make as much profit as possible. There are some costs that can be eliminated or minimized and there are some costs that cannot be avoided. Cost that are must for running a business cannot be avoided. If someone tries to minimize those costs, they will compromise the sale or profit.

Careful consideration must be taken to identify which costs are important. Ghost mannequin editing is one such cost for clothing business that must be incurred. It effectively showcases your product and boosts product sale.

How much does it cost depends on how you get it done. If you, do it inhouse in a developed country with your own photoshop professionals or graphic designers, it will cost you a fortune. Most effective way of doing it is to hire a professional photo editing service provider offshore and let them do the job. They not only know how to do them most efficiently; cost is also lot less than doing it inhouse.


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