Fortnite – Where to Buy Accounts From

There’s a lot to consider when you are planning on buying a Fortnite account.

If you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have the time to achieve everything you want to in Fortnite, then you may have considered purchasing an account. You may perhaps want a skin that is no longer available, or you just want to advance far beyond than you’d normally have the time for. But if you are looking for Fortnite accounts for sale, there’s a few factors to consider first.

Before You Buy

If you’re planning to go ahead and buy Fortnite accounts, then you should firstly be aware that you are on risky ground. Epic Games has made a clear point that you will be banned for buying or selling Fortnite accounts, so do so at your own risk. It may not count just for the account you just purchased either, as you could get banned from your main account too.

Best Places to Buy an Account

If you are buying a Fortnite account, then you should follow the same sensible practices that you would if you were going to buy virtual currency or something similar for a game. You will firstly want to make sure that you are getting it from a site that is reputable with a community to back up its status as a safe seller. After all, fans aren’t going to be happy with the site for long if they start getting to a point where players are being banned left and right.

A good place to start would be online auction sites. Popular sites like eBay can be effective, as you will be getting some form of buyer protection from it. This also presents a safer place for you to transfer the money from so your information isn’t as likely to be stolen.

That said, it still isn’t a guarantee. You could still be easily scammed on eBay, and there wouldn’t be much you could do about it. If you were to open a dispute up with PayPal, you still stand a chance of not getting a refund since it is classed as a digital asset. This means that the seller could essentially take the account back meaning you have lost the money and the account.

Avoiding Scams

This is applicable from other areas of purchasing online. If you come across something where the deal seems a bit too good to be true, then consider this to be a red flag. Finding out what payment method the seller requests is a good insight into the legitimacy of the transaction. If they are asking you for something unusual like gift cards or something out of the ordinary, then odds are this is something that you should be avoiding.

There are a few other things for you to look out for too. If you are being asked to give out any account information such as your password, then you are being scammed. You should never under any circumstance have to give out your password for anything. Also, if you are on a site where you are getting antivirus protection warnings, then you could be at risk of compromising your account.

Should You Buy an Account?

This is the big question that you should be asking. The fact that you will be in violation of the Epic Games’ terms of service should be enough of an indication that what you are doing is not recommended. You are ultimately putting not only your account at risk, but also your personal information being leaked as well.

Nothing is worth risking your information being leaked over the internet for. So, if you are adamant that you are going to buy a Fortnite account, then you need to ensure that you are taking the necessary steps so that you stay protected when you are buying Fortnite accounts for sale.

That said, at least try and find a reputable seller if you are going to buy one. Your main goal is to minimise the risk as much as you possibly can. Be wary of scams and remember that even those sellers that appear more legit are still breaking the rules. If you are willing to put the time in and spend a few Fortnite Account with Free V-bucks here and there, you can make your own account go a long way. Whether or not you decide to buy an account is a completely personal decision. As long as you’re aware of the risks that go with it, then your next step is up to you.

What are your thoughts on purchasing Fortnite accounts? Let us know in the comments section below!


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