Fun Writing exercises helping kids express themselves creatively.

Creative writing has the opportunity to create an incredibly positive impact on our children. Plotting out a storyline allows a child to develop organization and create drama or surprises. Children can develop their storylines and collaborate with others through sharing ideas. Consequently, this can be applied to everyday tasks, improving organization and preparing for the day ahead.

The ability to build a story develops a wide range of skills when writing ideas down. It helps to demonstrate one’s creative side through writing, improves their ability to focus, improves dedication, and makes them more invested. Creatively engaging your child builds confidence while developing a wide range of skills. 

 Young children who write are also better organized. It also improves their logical skills. These skills, once developed, can help the child in other subjects, such as Maths, Science and Languages. By developing these fundamental skills, the child can apply these in other areas of learning and success.

They become confident adults who can communicate their thoughts, feelings, and perspectives very clearly. Developing their creative thinking also develops their imagination, broadens their thinking, and helps them solve problems.

Having found a way of writing that works for them, the children can make it into a superpower, which will make them creative while having fun and doing something they love. Also, creative writing improves intellectual skills. 

The composition of sentences, vocabulary, and punctuation will be significantly superior to those of others of the same age who do not practice creative writing.

Hand-eye coordination is improved as the child learns to improve their fine motor skills, which they can use for other tasks in their life. Additionally, creative writing develops emotional skills. Self-discovery and self-expression are evident throughout the child’s words and storytelling abilities.

And it is no surprise, children who are encouraged to express themselves creatively will have an easier time communicating in the technological age. Having found a way of writing that works for them, the children can make it into a superpower, which will make them creative while having fun and doing something they love.

Using writing to explore the mind of a child is an excellent way to teach them how to express themselves. Writing creatively can be an enjoyable learning experience for children. Below are a few creative writing Activities for kids.

 Write a comic book/graphic novel.

The comic book format is naturally appealing to kids. It is fascinating, captivating, moves quickly, and has plenty of pictures. 

You can either use a template or have your kid draw their own comic strip. Unlike books, comics are direct and do not require any additional content.

Because of the limited space, they have to develop a skill for thinking through their story before writing it. Take a few minutes before and plan a short storyline for your kid to know where are the pictures going to go in the squares before they begin drawing. They can start with illustrations and then adding speech bubbles and annotations thereon.

An important skill is understanding how to outline the story, and creating comics is a fun way to do this. 

Create a story together.

Kids prefer to create stories more than writing them, especially when they are younger. As for putting their thoughts onto paper, it is a slow and tedious process. The fact that their hands can not move as fast as their minds often intimidates them.

Let your children decide on a plot for a story with multiple perspectives, and then divide it into parts. Now you can divide the sections, have your kids write from a different perspective, and later, integrate them into a cohesive, well-rounded story.

The advantage of having someone to help them in a story is that they can progress in the story without doing all the work by themselves.

There is an end. Or, A New Beginning.

Get your child involved in an exciting exercise that will have them on the edge of their seats. You can start by choosing their favorite book. Then have them rewrite the beginning and the ending of the same story. By taking away the pressure of having to create something from scratch, this exercise helps your child’s creativity and writing skills. 

In addition, it sharpens your child’s ability to write endings, which can prove challenging.

Help them give structure to their tale by asking them a few general questions about the storyline. The following are some examples-

  • Was there anything you liked about the current ending?
  • What didn’t you like?
  • In the end, did you have any questions?
  • What aspect of the story, if changed, would have had a different outcome?

Writing Exercises Using Photographs

This fun writing activity requires very little preparation and is a simple one. Choosing an image is the first step. Allow your kids and yourself fifteen minutes to come up with a story based on the picture.

Next, start the timer. This exercise does not require pre-planning and is aimed at allowing the free flow of ideas. Once the timer expires, stop writing and ask everyone to stop and let them share their stories if they wish. 

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