Garden wrecked but schedule packed! Gardening tips for busy folks

You saw someone’s garden and wanted one of your own. So you went ahead and bought some plants and all the fancy equipment that the internet suggested you buy. Little did you know that it would become another tedious chore that you can’t power through amidst your busy schedule. And as days went by, maintaining your garden became the last thing you wanted to do after a tiring day. Now you are left wondering whether you just liked the idea of gardening but not the reality of it? But you know deep down that was always not the case! There was a time when planting was therapeutic, when the novelty of gardening was still lingering, and the busyness of life hadn’t caught up with you.

If this sounds vaguely familiar to you, then we can help make gardening fun for you again.  With our practical tips, you can have a thriving garden to admire without spending all of your free time caring for it. So, if you are a busy professional and disappointed with the state of your garden, you might want to go through our list of time-saving home gardening ideas. And if you are someone just starting out with gardening and currently busy with plant shopping, like buying Bonsai plants online or Bougainvillaea from a nursery, then this might be a good starting point for you.

Choosing to grow the right plants

Don’t just randomly select any plant from your nearby nursery just because it looked pretty! First, understand what you are looking for from your gardening experience. And, if the answer is not spending every hour of your life shovelling away, then the plants you choose to grow truly matter. Look for fuss-free plants that are easy to grow in the specific climate of your city, as it would be the safest choice. For example, picking an indoor Bonsai flower plant will call for less maintenance than choosing to grow a Bonsai tree in your backyard. The latter is a more energy and time-intensive task that might not even guarantee desired results.

Don’t aim for the deep end from the very beginning

Start your gardening journey with something more foolproof like growing perennials. They are low-maintenance and thus perfect for busy professionals. This will not only save your energy but will also boost your confidence with gardening as you will not be faced with a dead garden right after a zealous start. So, while planting annuals might seem like the real deal, a miserable garden won’t. So start slow and lay a good foundation for yourself.

Invest in mature plants rather than seeds

While starting from seeds might seem tempting, you just can’t afford to experiment and fail as you live a busy life. Go for mature plants as their chances of flourishing in your garden are higher.  It is anyway better than watching your hard work die in front of you when all your efforts won’t be enough to make that plant grow from seed.

Go for a larger planter instead of a smaller one

Gardening 101: growing plants in large containers is easier. Keep this fact at the back of your mind the next time you are tempted to buy that tiny little planter to hang from your balcony. Plants that grow in smaller containers ask for more watering as the soil dries out pretty fast, or else they wither away with time. So, a few days of a jam-packed schedule would mean an army of dead plants for your garden. Bigger planters, however, get to be filled with more soil, retain moisture longer, and therefore don’t require frequent watering. Another pro tip is to drill holes at the base of your planters so that the soil in it doesn’t get waterlogged causing the plant to weaken.

Overall, understanding the little nuances of gardening before committing to it is important. The truth is not everyone will enjoy having to spend hours and hours in their garden. If you just like having plants around you or enjoy what planting does for your mental health, then being smart about your plant purchases is key. Something as small as buying an indoor Bonsai flower plant instead of an outdoor one can make a world of a difference. And who says you can’t be a thrifty gardener? After all, gardening is a means to add joy to your life and not stress.


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