Getting Started with Vaping

If you are new to the world of vaping you might feel like there is too much equipment and terminology to get your head around. Ejuices, vaping juice, coils, mods, kits, vaping systems, pods, and more. When you are thinking of trying a vape pen, Australia, it might make you hesitate because you do not understand it all. Here is an article written just for you. It explains some basics, helps you know what direction to go in if you are using vaping to quit smoking, and clarifies some terms for you. We have broken it down into 4 basic stages to get you started.

Knowing what e-cigarette best suits you

There are different options when you are thinking of vaping. You might choose a pen-style e cigarette NZ vapers especially favour if you are coming from smoking and trying to quit. It most mimics the action of smoking. However, it is the lightest way to vape so is best for moderate to light smokers. If you were a heavy smoker you might want a box mod system. If you are somewhere in between then maybe a mod system. Each one creates different-sized clouds and different hits on the throat. E-cigarettes being the lightest and less harsh.

The different parts of an e-cigarette

The terms you here are nearly always to do with the different components of the e-cigarettes. There are also several names that refer to the same thing. For example, the liquid is often called vaping juice, vape juice, e-cigarette liquid, e-juice. This liquid goes into the part of the vape pen Australia called the tank. Then there is the power supply, the battery. This heats up the liquid by heating the coils which turns it into a vapour. Then there is a button you press to start the vaping process and then end it.

Important safety tips

It is very important you keep in mind that this is an electronic device so the same kind of safety rules apply as with any other device you use. Do not leave it in direct sunlight or for a long time in a hot vehicle as that could cause overheating and the battery might explode. It could damage its surroundings and hurt people around it. Never leave it where small children can reach it and handle it with care.

Be sure to stay legal

When you use an e cigarette, Australia has rules about where you can do it and where you can buy the equipment and liquids from. It is important you follow them and stay a legal vaper. E-cigarettes are legal in Australia but buying liquids with nicotine in them from vape retailers is actually still illegal. In order to have nicotine in your vape juice, you would need to buy from overseas with a doctor’s certificate and either use nicotine-based liquids or buy the nicotine to add yourself. You cannot vape in public, the same laws there are for cigarette smoking also apply to vaping. There are slightly different laws from one state to another so know what the rules are where you live.

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