Guide to cheap flights in the UK 2021

In this article, we will learn about the best flights around the UK. We will only mention the cheapest flights and only recommend flights which we’ve taken ourselves and are comfortable with. Our experience means we can give you guidance about good, quality airlines with full-service that includes meals and bag support. However, we know there are always low-cost carriers for those traveling on a tighter budget. Many airlines may fly direct and will not have meals or free bag checking but will surely offer you a much cheaper option to popular locations. Some of these cheapest flights of UK 2021 are as follows.

1. Easyjet: “Flies all over Europe”

Easyjet is a well-known airline. Its headquarters are situated in London-Luton. It has expanded to dozen of countries. It has been around for the last 25 years and is still one of the top-rated airlines in Europe

Easyjet has covered all European routes till now. It flies from the airport of Bristol and Liverpool. Currently, they don’t have any long-haul routes, but they are partners with other airlines. They offer bookings and connections to further destinations through Easyjet worldwide.

2. Jet2: “For beach and slow destinations”

Jet2 Airlines are headquartered in Leeds. It is a top-rated airline in the UK. They also sell a lot of popular holidays packages with checked bags included.

Jet2 mostly departs from UK airports. If you’ve already planned every aspect of your journey including dates then Jet2 flights are best for you. For the fare-finder tool, you should visit their site and get details.

3. Wizz Air: “For flights to Eastern Europe”

This airline is from Hungaria. This airline’s reputation is increasing in the market day by day and is desperate to get top ranks among airlines. They are real competitors to Easyjet and Ryanair.

The ticket prices of Wizz Air are very low and that’s its biggest advantage. They will charge you a very high price for bag fees, but don’t worry they are still the cheapest in the market. You can’t take larger size bags with you. In European countries, they are still the cheapest. For more details, you can visit the website.

4. Ryanair: “Travels on any European route”

This is a next-level airline in the market. It is located in Dublin city. The tickets are so cheap and they treat passengers like family. They charge you for upgrades only.

They mostly fly from UK airports. Their routes are all over Europe, including Spanish and French-summer destinations. They also fly to lesser-known countries around the continent.

They travel on some crazy routes. The routes are extremely dangerous and there’s a chance of thunder but these airlines are strong and immune to thunder strikes. One should visit the site for more details about this amazing airline.

5. Vueling: “Travels to Spain and eastern countries”

This airline is situated in Spain. It was started in Barcelona and has been steadily growing since. It became a huge network and it is trending in Europe as the safest flight. It travels to France, Italy, and other European countries.

They’re currently the best way to get to Spain, with direct routes to northern cities like Bilbao and Asturias from London Gatwick. Their price calendar is very handy and helps you find the cheapest days to fly.

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