How Can I Get White Label SEO Services For Agencies

The current buzzword is “SEO.” From businesses to agencies all need SEO. Confused???

If you are a marketing agency, you must be facing your clients requesting and asking for SEO services. On the other hand, if you are an SEO agency, you may still be looking for support as you don’t have the bandwidth to handle all the work pouring.

Whatever may be the scenario, the solution is white label reseller. 

What is white label reseller??

A white label SEO reseller can be called a standalone SEO agency that offers all the SEO services to agencies who in turn can offer the same to their clients under their name. In other words, these are independent SEO agencies that provide SEO services to other agencies in the backend.

So, now that you understood what White label SEO reseller, here we bring you the detail of the process. In other words how to find White label SEO services for agencies:

1. What you seek is where you find. Confused?? You are looking for a white label reseller and your search begins online. If an agency promises to be the best, they better walk their words. That’s what an online search does. Look for agencies online and the names that rank the SERP are genuinely good at their SEO technical knowledge.

2. Once you have your list, then starts the process of discarding the ones that don’t match your requirement. Therefore, before you start discarding, define your requirement. What kind of clients do you have, what kind of SEO services you are majorly looking at and what type of association. Based on this, the next steps would follow.

3. Once you have your expectation chart, the first elimination happens when you go through the website of all the agencies on the list. Flashing the name on the search engine is like having a certificate but no proof of knowledge. Therefore, at this level, you would gauge the agency’s skill by surfing their website. The points to look for are User experience while manoeuvring the website, the content quality and finally the relevance of the search engine prompt to the website. This will help you understand the agency’s ability to pull the audience from SERP to the website and then to click.

4. The next step would be to get personal. In other words, now is the time to speak one-one with the names of the agencies who are carried forward from the previous phase. During the conversations, you must focus on understanding the agency’s style of working. Understand and check whether they provide all SEO services? Understand their style of working. Get a run-through of their team and the skills each possesses. Most say experience matters and some say the quality of work matters. But the truth is, ideally the success ratio matters. There are agencies that have been in the industry for a good number of years, but their client success rate may be low. An agency with a below 60% success rate should not be considered. Similarly, there be agencies that are new to the business but must be having a 90% success rate. Therefore, focus on performance.

5. The next phase is to check credibility. Ask the agency for case studies or details of milestones or achievements with previous clients. While reviewing the case studies look for the business type and size of the businesses that the SEO agency is tweaking. This will help you understand how capable the agency has been and what kind of clients they have handled.

6. Post the credibility check, it’s time to show your cards. In other words, it’s time to tell the agencies in your list about what are you expecting from your SEO partner. This is the phase to let the agency make the choice. Based on your expectation, there will be agencies that would like to back off. Let them. Then comes the final step.

7. Mentioning and defining the association details and the commercial understanding. Considering that the white label reseller you choose will be working as your backend partner, you need to know what will be commercial understanding?? Will it be project-based or retainer-based. In addition to the commercial understanding, define the work style as well. If you are an SEO agency seeking additional support then the association details would be different. But if you are an agency who will be outsourcing all the SEO works to this white label reseller, the association details would be different. Therefore, decide and define.

The above flow is an ideal process of finding your SEO partner. However, based on your requirement and urgency you can tweak the process. In case you have an SEO agency in your circle or referred, you can easily bypass the initial search steps and get to the association understanding.