How can you remove negative feedback on your Amazon seller account?

If you are a seller on Amazon, then you must be aware of the impact of negative feedback on your seller profile. Negative feedback can cause a lot of damage to your profile and it can prevent the buyers from purchasing your product. This will cause a severe blow to your business. Negative commands can also lead to suspension of your Amazon account. It will reduce your chances of winning the buy box. You will also not be able to stay above your competitors and create an excellent online visibility for yourself. Your selling privileges may also get revoked. You should also take care of your Amazon Dropshipping services so that your account does not get suspended.

So, you must always try to maintain a really good connection with your customers so that they give you a good rating for each of their purchases. However, sometimes no matter how hard we try, we do end up getting negative feedback on our profile. So what should we do? Well, you need not worry as we have come up with some effective ways by which you can get rid of negative feedback on your Amazon profile. Let us have a look at what we have got in store for you.

If the feedback violates the Amazon guidelines, then you can request for its removal:

Once you receive a negative feedback on Amazon, you should check whether the feedback follows Amazon’s feedback rules or not. In case the feedback violates the guidelines, then it will be removed by Amazon upon request. This will allow the seller to maintain a high feedback rating. There are certain rules that must be kept in mind while posting feedback on Amazon.

The comments should not contain any kind of abusive or obscene language. It must not have any personal information included in it. Amazon allows the customers to write product reviews on the product pages. So, if you find that there is a review on the feedback as well, then you can easily get it removed. The comment should not also have any kind of promotional content. Otherwise, it will be regarded as an appropriate feedback.

The product that has been listed under the Fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA) program has a better scope for feedback removal. Under the Amazon FBA program, Amazon will take complete responsibility for the seller’s product packing, storage, shipping and customers service. As you are no longer responsible for all these duties, any negative feedback related to these tasks will be automatically removed by Amazon. You can place your feedback removal request from the customers and ask for reactivation of your seller account. You should also abide by Amazon POA all the time.

In case you are not being able to remove the feedback, you can reach out to the buyer.

If you have received one such feedback, that is not eligible for removal by Amazon, then you should try to reach out to the buyer. The buyers have the power to remove their negative feedback. So, if you are able to contact the buyer and resolve their problem, then they might be interested in removing the negative feedback. You can also ask them to give you better feedback on the services that they have received. Any feedback that violates Amazon intellectual property rights will also be removed.

You should always be timely with your approach as customers are given 60 days time to remove their response. So, you should not be too late in reaching out to the customer. You should also apologize for your mistake and be polite in your approach. Don’t try to immediately ask the customer for feedback removal. Instead, ask for their problem and try to solve it and it will create a better impact in the mind of the buyer.

In case the buyer does not remove the negative feedback, leave a positive comment under the feedback.

In case you received no response from the buyer, then it is quite obvious that your negative feedback will not be removed. The best you can do in such a situation is to leave a response on the feedback on the Amazon website. This will make sure that anyone who views the feedback realizes that you have made an effort to resolve the query. This is going to neutralize the damage caused by the negative feedback. Always try to keep your response short and professional. Maintain a respectable professional image without sounding too pussy. Do not go for sarcastic response as it might give the impression that you do not care about customer satisfaction.

These are the negative feedback removal strategies that you must follow. In case you have any other relevant ideas in mind, do let us know.


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