How Do You Get An Oversized Load Permit For USA?

Any load that is above the legal standard limit requires a special permit. The requirements for an oversize load permit may vary from state to state in the USA. Trucking companies in Canada that offer cross-border shipment to and from the USA must be aware of the state regulations about heavy hauling. If you use your company’s trucking services, you should need to get an oversized load permit. Otherwise, you can leave the hassle to the professional trucking service providers.  

Things that you need to know:

Oversize trucking is here to stay. The concept has become immensely popular in recent years. With the modern advancements in over-dimensional trucking, the process of freight transportation has become steady and secure. However, it comes with an additional burden on national highways. Each state in the USA has specialized prosecutors involved in issuing oversize load permits to heavy haulers. You should know the following things if you want an oversize load permit issued in your heavy haul company’s name:

What is considered an oversize load?


The maximum legal limit for oversized freight varies in every state. However, as a general rule of thumb, the width of 8.5 feet requires an oversize load permit from the corresponding state. It can be as low as 8 feet up to 12 feet, depending upon the state regulations. Load that is more than 16 feet wide is considered a superload, and it requires more complex permits for safer transportation. Permits are also issued based on the weight or trip requirements.

Fulfill the requirements:

You need to show proof of your company’s registration as a heavy haul trucking service in the USA. If you are a trucking company in Canada, you may show the approval of the corresponding body that allows you to handle the oversized freight. The driver of an over-dimensional truck must possess a valid commercial driving license (CDL). You may also need to submit a draft that states the model and make of your heavy haul truck as well as the route that you will follow for the transportation.

Involve an agency:

There are many accredited agencies in the USA that help trucking companies to obtain oversize load permits. These companies make the process very simple. If you are trying to obtain an oversize load permit for the first time, it is recommended to get it through an agency. Otherwise, it can be a nightmare for you to fulfill all the demands as a first-time applicant.

Know the processing fee:


Every state has a specified processing fee for issuing an oversize load permit to heavy haulers. The fee can be as low as $15 and can go up to $70 based on the state. Sometimes, you need to pay more charges when you need to cross more than two states for oversized freight transportation. You can also avail yourself of the option to open an account for the licensing authorities if you need permits regularly. It will make the process more steady for you.

Get your safety equipment:

Over-dimensional trucking is highly prone to accidents or safety hazards without proper equipment. You will need to possess warning signs, flags, or warning lights for safe transportation. It is clearly mentioned in nearly every state regulation that you need to submit proof of safety equipment when applying for the permit.

Know the timings:

In every USA state, there is a specified time limit in which oversized freight is transported. Many states don’t allow the movement of over-dimensional trucks in broad daylight. The time specifications ensure the minimal chances of traffic disturbances.


As soon as you get your hands on the oversize load permit, you can begin your journey. It is imperative to do some of the homework beforehand. Discuss the most suitable route with the clients and get them on board to ensure effective communication. Make sure that your over-dimensional trucks are well-maintained to prevent any unwanted event. As long as you stick to the standardized code of conduct of heavy hauling, the authorities will show no hesitation in issuing you the oversize load permit.


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