How to Choose Silk Blouses

Although the very best, most flattering silk blouses tend to show up as the traditional, long-sleeved button-up silk top, to envision this cool, composed, devastatingly sophisticated individual, you will discover other more modern silk styles, including tank shirts, Hawaiian-style tees, and a bodysuit, proving that the classic silk blouse, although timeless, is also fresh and even radical, too. In fact, one of the latest styles involves creating a mocktop or mock jacket out of silk and then using silk flowers to design the blouse. The result is a silk blouse that looks just like a blouse (except it’s reversible), but is made of silk flowers and the buttons are real flowers. The silk flowers can be real or synthetic; either way, it is a one of a kind silk blouse. This particular silk blouse not only impresses friends and family, but it can wow any man, but especially any man who appreciates art.

As we have mentioned above, one of the current trends in blouses includes incorporating silk blouses with neckties. This silk blouse style works perfectly with slim fit pants in darker solid colors such as charcoal, gray, black, or dark blue. Neckties can come in an endless array of fashions, from simple, blocky brogues to elaborate ties with real flower garlands, to single chain neckties, to designer spangle silk ties. Silk blouses with neckties are also great with a turtle neck, V-neck, or round neck shirt. To create the modern look in silk blouses with neckties, match the necktie to the blouse but keep the rest of the shirt simple and geometric.

For those that have never worn silk blouses, let’s go over how they look. Silk fabric feels fantastic on the skin, as it provides an incredible weightless look. Silk is a breathable fabric so silk blouses will help keep you cool, even in the hottest summer months. Many silk blouses are sleeveless, and others have spaghetti straps. Choose a style that best complements your figure.

When choosing the color of your silk blouse, there are many great options. A popular color is white, which will compliment almost any skin tone. However, if you are a little more daring try black or a gray silk blouse. These will not only look amazing, but they will also complement most blouses in the market currently.

A final note on silk blouses is that silk is water repellent and helps prevent wrinkles. This is why white and gray silk blouses are ideal for hot humid climates, such as in the desert. White is also a great option for women who have thin hair, since it shows off their curls.

While silk blouses are a favorite among many, there are a number of different silk fabrics that can be used to create the perfect blouse for any outfit. If you cannot find the exact shade or color that you would like, there are a variety of different silk fabrics that will give you the look that you desire. Remember that silk blouses are a very versatile piece of clothing. You should make sure to get the right fit and fabric to make them stunning.


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