How to Choose the Right Hoodie for Yourself in 2021

Hoodies are so popular all around the world that they have their own season. People are always excited about buying hoodies and wearing them. There’s something tremendous about wrapping your upper body part in soft and delicate, fleece clothing – with an attached hood- that will help you to keep warm and comfortable as the weather gets harsh. But with thousands of styles and unlimited designs on the market, how would you know which one to buy? And what hoodie design would suit you?

We’re here to answer these questions along with some tips. In this article, I’ll discuss different fabrics and various hoodie styles, you can choose the one that would look better on you and will last for enough time.

Not every hoodie is created equal. If you’re looking for a perfect hoodie design, here are few things you should consider before you go for it: The fabric, the brand, and the style. These things are briefly discussed below.

Hoodie Style

Hoodies have two main styles;

  1.  Pullover
  2.  Full-zip

If you go and search on the internet, you’ll find different styles like quarter-zip hoodies, side-zips, button-downs, etc. But these styles are rare and specific to a certain brand.

Full-zip Hoodies

These are more fashionable and versatile. And also the zipper in these hoodies can be used to control the temperature. But zippers can break, and in some brands, the zipper can bend outward or become wavy.

Pullover hoodies

The best thing about these hoodies is they’re warmer than the full-zips. But you’ll not be able to control your temperature. You have two options, either keep it on or take it off.

Hoodie Fabrics

Just like T-shirts, hoodies are also made of different kinds of fabric types and blends. There is the pure 100% cotton, the soft, moisture-wicking performance, and even technological advancement of 100% polyester.  There are also cotton and polyester blends.

So which one is the softest? Let’s see.


This is a type of fabric that can be made from the above- mentioned materials. On the inside, it has shredded yarn loops – it is brushed to make it all soft and frayed. If you have ever felt the inside of your hoodie, so it was probably fleece. It is very soft and keeps you super warm.  But there is something softer than fleece, and that is Sponge fleece. Check it out also.

French Terry

This is another fabric type. With this fabric, the yarn loops are kept more closed. French terry is not soft as fleece. French terry is a lightweight material and keeps you cooler, while fleece is a heavier-weight material that keeps you warmer. French terry is also more breathable and highly absorbent as compared to fleece. That’s why it is used in towels and other stuff like that. So I would recommend you to wear fleece in the winter and go with the terry when it is warmer out there.

Hoodie Brands

There are unlimited brands that make different types of hoodies. Most of us have our own favorite bands and usually choose them when we go out shopping. Whatever brand is your favorite, I don’t know. But I would strongly recommend you to try and check out Vlone hoodies. They make different types of designs and styles. They use pure fabric to provide you with durable hoodies.

FAQs about Hoodies

What is the difference between a sweatshirt and a hoodie?

The main difference between a sweatshirt and a hoodie is that a hoodie comes along with a hood. The hood can be used to keep your head dry during light showers and it is also used as a stylistic feature. Hoodies come in pullovers and full-zip styles, while sweatshirts are always full over.

What color hoodie should I buy?

Well, I would recommend you to have a black hoodie in your wardrobe to cover the basics. You can go out and start looking for other colors too. You shouldn’t only buy my recommended colors. Find the color that is a perfect fit for you.

What should I wear with a hoodie?

People love wearing hoodies due to their versatility.  You can wear them with casual weekend outfits such as a t-shirt and or jeans. Even you can wear a slim-fit hoodie underneath a blazer and in the office during work.


So, we discussed different ways -style, fabric, and brand- to help you in choosing the perfect hoodie for you. Also, we talked about the color you can choose to look awesome in a hoodie. Check out all these tips and choose the hoodie that suits you and you feel confident in it.

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