How to Design Your Own Stand up Pouch Packaging

Printed lamination of products is a growing segment. Stand up pouch is a recent addition in this segment and is gaining popularity. Its growth is increasing rapidly. In this article, we are presenting a step-wise flow of creating your own stand pouch packing.

A perfect stand up pouch design follows these steps:

Step Number 1 (Prepared Feature Checklist)

The team of collaborative stakeholders i.e., designers, stand up pouch manufacturers, suppliers, converters, and printers should firstly compare the materials and processes with the final product. A features checklist needs to be prepared to contain the pros and cons interlinked with this feature. These features include trade colors, photos, a window, finish, and lot codes.

Step Number 2 (Make Detailed Template)

A converter will prepare a detailed template that will show the critical zones and boundaries of the product layout. These details will contain a package outline, cuts and fold’s location, re-closing features, hanging or venting holes, and seals. It should also include fold-to-cut or print-to-cut tolerances to prevent graphics from coming across fold lines or be seen in distorted areas e.g., seals, zippers, etc. For reviewing and communication at this phase, a soft copy e.g., PDF or any other format can be used. After buttoning up all the details, the printing process can be taken up. 

Step Number 3 ( Ask The Printer)

The printer needs to be asked how well he can press print the product design. This can be categorized as:

Review the fidelity of photos. Their accuracy and sharpness need to be determined. How the process will change the color contrasts and shading in shadows and highlights.

Evaluate the fidelity and availability of color. Decide whether the process will print your color or not. A checklist of critical colors needs to be created which represents your design which will detail the rendering of colors. Make sure that the colors will lie within the capability of the process.

Design elements need to be reviewed together. The printer should be asked for a matching print of the design. White, Clear, and metalized packaging substrates are available which are capable of accepting inject proofing. The strengths and weaknesses of the print need to be discussed with the supplier.

Step Number 4 (Reviewed Substrate)

Next substrates need to be reviewed. How the ink will affect the printing job. A dense white sheet is best to view a Printing, ideally. On A metalized or clear film, the design will depend on one or more white ink hits.

Step Number 5 (Review Over-lamination And Varnishing)

Then, over-lamination and varnishing need to be reviewed. The effect of over-lamination and varnishing on the visual appearance needs to be considered and viewed. The chosen over-lamination or varnishing will differently affect the printed image. In the end, have a meeting with the converter, finishing, and filling team. 

How do the design affect sealing and filling need to be considered? These issues need to be handled in the templating phase ideally, but after making the adjustments, it is a good approach to loop back in order to show them the final and finished design. 

To make sure the final products look appealing, great, and stand out from the crowd in the supermarket and stores is very important to cope with today’s competitive market.  Different packaging types are available nowadays and their use depends upon the product type. Among the types, Stand up pouch has taken control over the packing world as it has versatility and incredibility. Moreover, you can visit https://deucestudio.com/ in this regard.

According to a sorbet, 71% of customs will buy the product having flexible packing instead of differently packaging the same product. This is the edge of standup pouches that are easy to open, store, reseal and reuse.


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