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How to Find Quality Candidates for High-Level IT Positions

Skilled and engaged employees are the key success factor for organizational success. In today’s business environment the most coveted job skills are IT skills. So competition for talented professionals to land an IT position is fierce.

A competent IT executive will help your company secure a competitive advantage by taking advantage of tech innovations. This is why progressive organizations focus on finding quality IT employees. 

But the high demand for IT professionals makes it hard to attract top IT talent. To get the best employees, companies must offer competitive packages and a great work environment.

Are you having a hard time finding the right candidates for your high-level IT roles? Keep reading for the complete guide on how to attract top IT talent. 

1. Have a Strong Purpose, Clear Vision, and Deep Values

Talented IT candidates look for more than money when choosing an employer. In fact, one of the best ways to weed out low-quality candidates is to disqualify candidates that are only interested in the salary.

Candidates that turn into high-performing employees look for companies that match their purpose, vision and values. To attract them, have a compelling vision and mission. 

Your core values must also feature on your marketing material to attract candidates with similar values. Having a clear mission and a strong culture will draw candidates with similar values.

2. Create Attractive Positions

Another key to finding and attracting top talent is to make your IT positions interesting and meaningful. Employees want to know that their positions are significant and that their work makes a difference.

Your job advertisement should highlight the role’s impact internally and externally. High-level IT professionals desire high-impact roles. They want roles that will challenge their capabilities and force them to upgrade their skills. 

3. Customize Your Recruitment

When hiring high-level IT professionals, you can’t afford to use a one-size-fits-all approach. Have a clear idea about the type of person that would suit your open position and recruit with this picture in mind. To find the right person you may have to do a retained search or headhunt for the right executive that would suit the open role. 

Research each shortlisted candidate and identify what makes them tick and what they are looking for in a company. You should then highlight how your company and the open position fit the candidates’ needs. Remember that talented professionals are in high demand.

So you may never get a second chance to give candidates a good first impression of your company. Job applicants sell their skills to you. But you are also in the market for great talent so must tailor your pitch to each candidate. 

4. Offer Growth and Development

The IT industry is dynamic and its professionals must keep learning to stay on top of their game. To attract candidates that enjoy learning you must show that you support employee development. You must also offer opportunities for promotion and career development.

Companies that offer education benefits tend to attract higher-quality candidates that stay relevant. Prove your growth culture by giving examples of employees who escalated their careers after they joined your company. Encourage happy employees to write about their experience working for your company.

You can then share these testimonials on your website, Linked In, and recruitment websites like Glassdoor. Such success stories could be the tipping point that makes candidates choose your company over competitors. 

5. Recruit Internally

One of the best ways to find quality candidates for high-level positions is to have an internal talent development program. Do you have a loyal and motivated employee that needs a skills upgrade to be perfect for a senior role?

Rather than hiring externally, promote the internal employee. Guarantee their success by training them on what they need to qualify for the open role. Better yet, stay ahead of your hiring needs by having succession and mentorship programs.

This will ensure you have a pool of employees ready to take up higher positions. You can also have a graduate management program that hires talented college graduates straight out of college. The program would then develop the graduate recruits into high-level IT professionals. 

6. Hire an IT Recruiter

If you’re having a hard time finding the right candidate for an IT position, then it may be time to ask for help. Experienced recruiters that specialize in tech will do better at finding the right person for your company. This is because they have many contacts and networks in the industry and can quickly find someone who meets your specifications. 

Their recruitment experience also helps them identify the best candidates for different company cultures. After identifying your company culture and team dynamics, the recruiter would be able to recommend the right person to add to your team.

7. Ask For Employee Referrals

Employee referrals from your best IT employees are another great way to find quality IT candidates. If the previous holder of the role left on good terms, you could also ask them if they know someone that would be a great replacement. 

Birds of a feather flock together so your best employees are likely to know other IT professionals with similar values and work ethics. Employees that are exiting a role are also intimately aware of the requirements of the position. So they would be the best people to recommend people that would be suitable for the position. 

To encourage employee referrals you could offer cash rewards for any successful referrals. 

8. Start Finding Quality Candidates for Your High-Level IT Position

Talented IT professionals are in high demand. They can typically pick and choose jobs and companies that best suit their needs. The easiest way to find and attract talented employees would be to develop a reputation as a great employer.

If you’re recruiting for a high-level IT position, it would also be a good idea to conduct a retained search for a suitable candidate. For this, you could hire a recruitment or headhunting company that specializes in IT recruitment. 

For more tips on how to find and attract high-level candidates, read the rest of our blog.

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