How to Hack Facebook Account Without Password

Are you a professional, ethical hacker, or a friend who needs to help out another friend? Are you simply a person who wants to find out details of the person you hang out with? Or, do you check software and social media profiles for any vulnerabilities? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then read further to learn how to hack a Facebook account without a password.

As social beings, we cannot but cease to share every minute detail of our lives with people we deem to be friends. Say you want to find out where someone stays or what their personal preferences are; Facebook is a one-stop destination for it all, isn’t it?

Well, if their Facebook is hidden or they are not your friend yet, how do you get access to the information you need as a professional hacker or a friend? Find below some tips to hack a Facebook account without knowing the password.

Disclaimer: Before proceeding, make sure you are doing this for a valid reason, or a case of unlawful stealing of data can be filed against you.

Hacking Facebook Accounts Organically

Hacking a Facebook account can be both easy or difficult. The easy ways are the organic ways of hacking without using third-party apps or coding processes. They include changing the email address or simply clicking on the forgot password option.

Forgot Password

One of the simplest and inane things you could do to hack an account, ‘Forgot password’ is a tool provided by Facebook to help people reset their password in case they forget it and get locked out of their account.

A hacker who has access to details like the username and email id of a person can easily use this tool to reset the password. Many of us are prone to display these on our information.

Changing Email Address

As a hacker, after going through the ‘Forgot password’ step, you can even change the email address and lock the person out of their own account. Changing the email address ensures a successful hack. Now the person cannot recover his or her account without the recovery email id.

Hacking Facebook Accounts Inorganically

Inorganically, you can hack Facebook accounts through apps and phishing. These are sometimes time-consuming but effective.

A google chrome app helps you hack a Facebook account and retrieve all passwords and other relevant information. All you need to do is download the plug-in provided in the link.

Simultaneously, beware, since these ‘easy hacking methods’ download malware into your device. It might destroy the integrity of your device and null any warranty or guarantee you have for your product.


As a hacker, you can create links that can help you get information directly from the person you are hacking. All you need to do is create a clickbait link, and a naive person who is sympathetic to causes will easily fall prey to it.

Another way of phishing is to send messages like Facebook needs you to change your password for security reasons or that Facebook needs to fix certain issues with your account.

These messages immediately drive the fear motive of people to give out their information to prevent their account from getting locked out. It reveals our dependency on social media, doesn’t it?


Visit this site to get a step-by-step tutorial on how to hack a Facebook account using coding.

You download the offline Facebook file provided on the website linked above and the SQL table and write the code. Follow the steps to configure the .php files to hack a Facebook account successfully.

Online Facebook Hacking

Online Facebook hacking provides either free or paid hacking tools that help you get into Facebook accounts without knowing the account’s password.

An online-based software tool can also be used to hack an unaware person.

Additionally, one hears talk about using ‘brute force’ to hack accounts too. Brute force is when you try a list of probable combinations of passwords several times.

Brute Force Attack

Step-by-step instructions on how to attack a Facebook account using a brute force attack are available online. You will see that it requires you to have a Linux operating system.

Brute force attack is a time-consuming process and requires immense patience to carry through. It requires trying several combinations of passwords till you get the right one.

Often, if your targeted victim has a very strong password with a weird combination of case-sensitive alphanumeric characters, a brute force attack might not work in your favor.


Keylogging, also known as a keystroke logger, performs surveillance of a simple thing like the touch patterns on your device. You use a keylogging app to find out the full details of the person you want to hack.

Similarly, their Facebook can be easily hacked by analyzing their clicking and browsing patterns.

Detailed information on how keylogging works and directions to install the mSpy keylogger tool is also available online.

Make sure that you get a keylogging app that is easy to install and use remotely. Keylogging is a covert application that runs in the background and doesn’t alert your target that their Facebook account is being hacked.

Vulnerability Test

Facebook hires professional hackers to hack accounts of users to test for vulnerabilities. The hackers can register on a portal. They are rewarded or paid for hacking and finding bugs and issues in the mega application.

A Facebook bugs bounty program can be used to get information about the security and privacy levels of Facebook. Make sure whatever you find is valid and is tested with a test account and proved to be true to get rewards.

Facebook account hacking without a password seems like an easy task, doesn’t it? No wonder, as Facebook users, we must beware before giving out information.

Final words

Paradoxically, there are numerous groups and pages on Facebook itself that teach you how to hack into a Facebook account without knowing the password. Some of them are Ethical Hacking, Hackers, Hack Insight, Red hat Hackers, Hack Box, and Hacker’ Attitude. Also, apps such as the Ultimate Phone Spy App can help you hack Facebook stealthily.

Hackers are spread worldwide for both ethical and malicious reasons. We have tried our best to give you all information regarding hackers and how to hack an account to help someone in need. Choose what you share and do wisely, always!


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