How to Have More Energy Each Day: A Simple Guide

Put down that coffee! Stay away from those energy drinks!

Pumping yourself up with caffeine and other chemicals is definitely not the answer if you’re looking to boost your energy levels. These short-term solutions might feel like they’re helping you. But in reality, they’re just setting you up for that familiar caffeine-infused cycle of mid-afternoon drowsiness and difficulty sleeping at night.

Want to know how to have more energy? Let’s take a look!

Let in the Sunlight

Natural light is a huge controlling factor for our circadian rhythms. Opening the blinds to let the sunlight in or getting outside first thing in the morning help let your body know that it’s time to get going by decreasing your melatonin levels.

Eat an Energizing Breakfast

Food is fuel, but a breakfast full of sugar and simple carbs is no way to keep your engine running. Instead, you should eat protein-rich foods, such as eggs and yogurt as well as slow-releasing whole grains like oats. These foods are great for increasing energy levels as they take longer for the body to break down.

Stay Hydrated

Not sure how to get more energy without regular caffeine top-ups? Try switching your cup of coffee for a glass of water! Dehydration is a major cause of fatigue, as well as headaches, muscle cramps, and more. Drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day and you’ll soon see a change in your energy levels, as well as other health benefits.

Take Supplements 

People with vitamin and mineral deficiencies can often struggle with tiredness. One way to remedy this is by taking an amino acid supplement or daily multivitamin to boost your energy levels and support good health.

Increase Your Activity Levels

It might sound counterintuitive but regular physical activity is one of the best ways to get more energy. Don’t think you have to start with a 10-mile run either. Try walking, gardening, dancing, or any other activity you enjoy. You’ll then start to notice how you feel more rested in the morning and more energetic throughout the day.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is essential if you’re wondering how to be more energetic. But getting the recommended seven to nine hours a night can be difficult for many people. To help overcome this, you should practice good sleep hygiene by sticking to the same bedtime, sleeping in a cool dark room, and unwinding before bed with a warm bath, meditation, or a good book.

How to Have More Energy

As these tips on how to have more energy show, making small changes to your lifestyle can have a big effect on your energy levels.

Sure, you can still have the occasional cup of coffee or late night. But sticking to a healthy, energizing routine as much as possible is the best way to say goodbye to the mid-morning slumps and mid-afternoon drowsiness for good!

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