How to know the differences and similarities between the AWS architect training and the professional scrum with kanban






If you are new to software development, one is bound to soon be confused between the similar terminologies used in both Agile and Scrum. Both of these are process management methodologies that have similar approaches but are different. This makes it difficult for anyone to choose between the professional scrum with kanban certification or the various AWS architect certifications. Knowing the key differences between these two will allow one to pursue a suitable career in project management, software development, or even both of these areas. But first, we shall need to understand how they work to know them better.

What is Agile?

Undertaking the AWS architect training helps a professional to know the collaborative and flexible approach that the Agile methodology employs. Employing this flexible approach helps the teams to adapt easily to accomplish their tasks in a faster and efficient manner. This methodology is usually used in the area of software development where a lot of cross-functional teams are involved. The Agile methodology allows these professionals to stay on track and work around the multitudinous changes easily. These iterations of a project are organized further into a backlog that is based on user feedback.

What is Scrum?

The Scrum methodology is an Agile framework that allows collaboration and efficiency to software testing and development. The professional scrum with kanban certification allows the professional to break the development project into smaller builds that are known as sprints. These sprints contain the sprint goals, the product backlogs, and the sprint backlogs. Every sprint focuses on a specific function that is defined, developed, refined, and tested. Each of these sprints may last two to three weeks that helps guarantee the success of the project. Scrum thus allows the teams to stay on track, solve problems, and enforce deadlines.

The differences and similarities between Scrum and Agile

Both Agile and Scrum thus have a similar method where collaborative iterations involve incremental builds to complete a project. But while Scrum is less flexible and has more rigid methods, it is best if a team needs to produce results quickly. This makes Scrum more suitable for larger teams and organizations with a lot of cross-functional teams working together. This makes Scrum better to handle any experimental or creative projects. While the AWS architect training allows one to handle smaller teams who have a rather straightforward design and execution structure and are looking at providing consistent quality.

Scrum and Kanban

The professional scrum with kanban certification helps a professional to understand and apply the Kanban framework at their workplace. The Kanban framework is another Agile framework that is mostly used for marketing purposes. It helps the teams to schedule the system and plan their workflow management easily. Scrum and Kanban both eliminate waste by implementing iterative work systems that focus on process flows. But while Scrum uses predefined roles, Kanban encourages the team members to have an equal collaboration. Kanban is also more flexible as Scrum strictly follows sprints that do not allow much change.

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