How To (Legally) Build A Custom Glock 80 Lower At Your Own Home






Do you want to build the Glock 80 lower at your home? Then you do not need to worry about it, because it is possible. Under federal law, there are no restrictions when it comes to making your own firearm at your home. This means you can legally build your custom Glock 80 lower in the home without any legal restrictions.

The Glock 80 lower can be custom-built at home with the similar and well-known tools that you already have in your toolbox. Building a Glock 80 lower requires no special skills or experience and you can build the custom Glock 80 lower easily at your home.

Here, the process of building custom Glock 80 lower will be discussed. We will walk you through the process of building this firearm at your home and share what process you can easily follow. The best part is that the entire process can take 45 minutes to one hour to complete fully. You can check the step-wise guide below:

1. Assemble Your Parts and Tools

In the beginning, you will need the tools to accompany and assemble the parts; your job will be easier if you have a rotary tool like a Dremel. By assembling the parts and tools, your process will become easy.

2. Choose Your Pistol Frame 

If you want to make your Glock 80 lower from scratch, then you will also make the frame of it. You can also use a factory-made frame.

3. Choose Your Lower Parts 

Lower parts are those that will be installed in your firearm frame. These parts will be Magazine Catch Spring, Magazine Release, Locking Block Pin, Trigger Housing Pin, Slide Lock Spring, Slide Lock, Extended Slide Stop Lever with Spring, and Trigger Housing with Ejector.

4. Choose Your Slide 

The Glock slides will be used to build Glock 80 lower at home. The factory Glock slides are also available, but these slides are difficult to find.

5. Choose Your Barrel 

In building Glock 80 lower, you can use a factory barrel because these parts are user-friendly and easy to use.

6. Choose Your Slide Parts 

Now, you will need to set up the slide parts in your firearm. The kit is also available for Glock slide parts. The parts in the kit are adjustable and easy to use and manage.

7. Choose Your Magazine 

The magazine has an essential role in this whole process. You can also buy and use factory magazines in this process. Factory magazines are usually reliable and inexpensive. These are high-capacity magazines that can help you build Glock 80 lower easily at home.

8. Make Your Frame 

Making a frame into a firearm can seem daunting, but it is easy in the case of Glock 80 lower. These frames come with instructions so you can use them reliably.

9. Assemble Your Glock 80 Lower 

Following the steps outlined above, you can easily assemble all of Glock 80 lower. Your homemade firearm will be ready in no time and you can use this firearm legally without any restrictions.

Here, we have discussed and explored the process that how you can build Glock 80 lower at your own home. We discussed the step-by-step process that can be helpful to you in building your Glock firearm at your home.

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