Accountancy was a whole new subject for you in your class 11 and now you must be very familiar with this subject. This subject demands lots of time and understanding to make you score good. There is minimal or zero probability to cram this subject, so you have to be very attentive to get a firm grip on accountancy. The main two aspects which will make you get your concepts clear in this subject is Practice and Attentive attitude. You have to put extra concentration while doing Illustrations because if you get only one value wrong, your whole question will get incorrect along with huge waste of time. 

  • Organise yourself

Always mark all the important concepts when your teacher is explaining and revise them afterwards. Read the concept twice and understand the steps very carefully. If you are attempting a question based on that concept, don’t miss out any step as those steps are very scoring. Do every single Illustration related to that concept and if you have any doubt in your NCERT Books for Class 12 Accountancy PDF questions, get a reference book to make yourself clear your doubt. Don’t pile up doubts on yourself. 

Read the question statement very carefully as each and every statement holds importance in accountancy. Mark the important parts of the question with a pencil. If you get your answer correct, take this as a motivation to do more. If your answer is incorrect, see the answer from your reference book and underline that mistake in order to avoid it in the future.

  • Clear your basics

Every illustration of the subject of accountancy is based on theories and concepts. So, try to focus on little and important key words given in your theoretical portion of your subject. Before going on with your class 12th accounts, give a quick revision to your class 11 basics to help you remember the previously learned concepts. In this subject, you will see many big calculations and in order to make them correct, some students forget to give attention to basic calculations like addition and subtraction. This leads to silly mistakes and eventually losing marks in your exam. It is suggested to students that they should simplify very big calculations into basic ones to avoid calculation mistakes. There will be no point in giving lots of time on studying the concepts and making calculation mistakes at the end. 

Don’t use a calculator even when you are doing self study. This will help you to get a speed while doing calculations in your final exam. Attempt your test series like your exam and manage your time accordingly. 

Make rough tables even if you are practicing. 

Many students lose their marks due to wrong formatting of questions. So, along with a formula sheet, it is recommended to make a format register too. Write down the questions in which those formats are used along with them. Revise all the formulas and formats at least twice in a week. 

  • One Markers 

One mark questions of accountancy could be purely based on the theory part. So, read, understand and revise your theory again and again. These questions can fill in the blanks, true or false or match the following. So, you have to prepare for all the type questions from your reference books. 

Start your theory by reading NCERT. Make short notes and underline the important keywords with the help of a highlighter. Think like if you are the examiner, how many one mark questions can you make from a particular paragraph. Write down those questions and revise them. 

  • Start preparing

After studying a chapter from your NCERT and also from reference books, start with your previous year question papers. Accountancy is a subject which can be very scoring as some questions are of 10-12 marks. These marks can play a very crucial role for your future. Make tables with the help of pencil and scale. Label every column of your table carefully. Be very attentive while writing the amount and don’t panic if your balance sheet doesn’t match. Move on to the next question and at the end try again. Double check every amount and word written in the question paper. Avoid scribbling in your accounts paper as much as you can. Write credit and debit whenever it is needed in the question. The main mistake which students make is that they don’t put up currency symbols when writing the amounts. 

Start a new question with a new page and write down a clear heading on the top centre of the page. If you know only half of the answer, leave at least two pages to complete the answer afterwards. Number your questions correctly and very attentively. 

When writing a journal entry, you have to write a single line narration which hints are provided in the question itself. Don’t write stories in the name of narration. Only focus on writing important keywords. Treat the given company as your own company and solve it with a business approach. Write all the numbers neatly and use commas while writing them. Revise and re-revise your exam to prevent any calculation mistakes. Write the final amount with the help of a pencil to avoid scribbling. Stay calm while doing your accountancy exam. This exam is not that hard and with patience and practice you can literally ace this subject. 


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