How To Search for Registered Sex Offenders Online

In the United States, sex crimes are treated with very stern measures to avoid repetitive offenses and deter others from engaging in such crimes. Many people seek sex offender information for many reasons, including the need to adopt best hiring practices. Regardless of your purpose, accusing an individual of a sexual crime can damage the person’s image, and you can be charged for peddling wrong allegations. Therefore, it pays to rely on accurate data from credible sources and authorities approved by the United States legal system. Here are some ways to search for registered sex offenders online.

Search the GoLookUp website.

Performing background checks is now a common practice for many human resource practitioners. They do this to gain insight into the personal information of new employees before bringing them on board. Many companies have their own established guidelines to perform comprehensive background checks, and using online search tools can make the process more manageable for HR practitioners or individuals seeking to know an individual’s past records.

Sites like GoLookUp.com, for instance, continue to grow in adoption as the go-to for all background searches, including sexual offenses. As of 2020, over 1 million people have tried GoLookUp. The GoLookUp team sources its information directly from state authorities and updates its records daily, so you’re less likely to miss out on current information. GoLookUp may not provide real images of the offenders following security and legal best practices. Although beneficial for business screening, the information best suits those who may want to search online dates and avoid becoming the next prey of sexual offenders on the loose.

Search the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW).

In 2006, the United States, through President George W. Bush, gave approval for the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act.

The act was termed Dru’s Law and was named after Dru Sjodin, whose sudden disappearance and death became a nationwide topic. One night, she was abducted and murdered by Alfonso Rodriguez Jr., a level-three Minnesota sex offender, on her way from work. In response to the case, the registry was launched to provide the whereabouts of registered sex offenders regardless of state, territory, or tribal boundaries. You can get unlimited access to many cases, even if it happened at a state university.

Search the state-specific sex registries.

Many states keep registries for public information purposes. Using state-specific registries can narrow your search and make finding results easier. Some online sex registries allow you to pull information using phone numbers if you don’t have specific names. Phone number search information can best suit scenarios where the information seeker has very scarce information about the sex offender.

Pay for third-party search platforms.

If all of the above seem tiring to you, you can try outsourcing the responsibilities to online third parties for a fee. Using third-party online background search platforms can afford you a wide range of services, including screening new employees before deeming them fit for your company. Partnering with credible background search platforms can be a better way for businesses that require their services repetitively. This can be a great way to reduce service costs compared to one-off services whenever the need be.

Search prison websites.

Prison websites keep archives of mugshots on their websites. You can find an individual’s criminal record without filling out the necessary paperwork at the station’s front desk. Some prison websites, especially for smaller states, may present updates in batches, making it hard to access current information. Some information may also require permission from state authorities or legal chits.

Use these tools and especially GoLookUp to search for registered sex offenders and keep yourself safe.


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