Is An Air Track Mat Better than a Mat?

An air track mat is a fabric of cloth that is laid over an inflated plastic surface. The fabric resembles the fabric of a hang-glider, allowing for grip or non-grip depending on the preference of the athlete.

Airtrack mats are typically very large and can be used to accommodate multiple athletes at once. Many times, there are multiple air track mats in one room, making it possible to have an entire workout on the air track mat with many athletes at once.

The advantage of this is that when people are running around on a traditional rubber mat, they are constantly stopping short or skidding out with each step.

Whenever someone is considering buying an air track mat more questions about the product arise. I am asked what sets our product apart from a simple piece of plastic, latex or vinyl. My answer always starts with the benefits that an air track has over almost any type of play surface offered.

4 Benefits of Air Track mats

  1. Safety: A simple piece of foam or plastic can put an athlete at risk when performing some activities such as flips and tricks on a standard mat. An air track eliminates the possibility of head, back, back of knee and shin injuries that often occur when landing incorrectly on these traditional surfaces or even concrete for that matter.
  2. Affordability: Air Track Mat can be installed in any gym and more importantly at home for under $9 per square foot making the cost of owning one less than half of what it would cost to own a traditional fitness mat. While standard foam is inexpensive at first, quality products are expensive when considering their long term use.
  3. Portability: The standard size of one piece of foam is 4’x8′. This will provide a total play area of 32 square feet for one person. A typical air track mat at Air Track Mat provides over 1000 square feet of air track play surface. A 32’x32′ mat will provide an athlete with 128 square feet of play area at home, school or gym for only $1800 installed.

A custom Air Track Mat can be designed to fit almost any space.

  1. Versatility & Fun: An air track mat offers use for almost every sport and activity, including football, basketball, baseball, martial arts, gymnastics, cheerleading, wrestling and even yoga! The possibilities are endless with the power of an Air Track Mat system under your feet.

If you are looking to add a new activity area, want to reduce injuries in your program or just need a safe place to practice at home, Air Track Mat has the solution for you!

If you are a gymnast or swimmer or love to wear a sexy bikini you can buy them for yourself at Kameymall.

Let’s read the most advantages one can have with an air track mat.

Air track mats can be used in many areas:

– Sports: baseball, basketball, football, golf, lacrosse, martial arts, soccer and more;

– Entertainment: cheerleading and gymnastics;

– Exercise: workouts, weightlifting area.

The question of the advantages of air track mat has an answer that will surprise you.

Advantages of the Air Track Mat system over a typical foam play surface:

  1. Safer – The area under a traditional mat is a hard, unforgiving surface where injuries can occur when athletes fall from heights while performing activities such as flips or tricks on a typical mat. An air track eliminates the possibility of injuries that often occur when athletes land incorrectly on a traditional surface.
  2. Lighter – Traditional mats are usually made of foam and weigh over 100 pounds per square foot, while an Air Track Mat can easily be rolled up for simple storage or completely removed if needed (this is great for gyms and schools who only need the air track for certain activities).
  3. Longer – Traditional mats do not last when exposed to constant use and abuse from athletes, especially the typical grassroots athlete who has multiple activities in a day. An air track mat lasts 5-10 times longer than traditional foam under normal conditions.
  4. More Affordable – An air track mat is less expensive than traditional mats when considering its long term use. Traditional mats are usually made of foam, which can be inexpensive at first but very costly over time because they do not last with constant use.
  5. More Versatile – An air track mat provides the same role as a traditional foam play surface does for activities such as gymnastics, cheerleading and martial arts, but is safer when used for the same activities. In addition, an air track mat comes in a variety of sizes and can be sized to fit almost any space.
  6. Better Play Area – An air track mat offers use for almost every sport and activity while traditional mats cannot accommodate all sports and often don’t provide a large enough area for some sports and activities. Because an air track mat can be customized in size and allows an athlete to land on the safety of the foam surface, it is perfect for almost any sport.

Conclusion –

An air track mat from Kameymall is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a safe, long lasting play surface that is also versatile with many sports and activities. An Air Track Mat system offers endless possibilities to provide an athlete with the best, most fun experience possible.

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