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The pandemic made sure that most of our physical work is being done on a multiplayer online mobile game, PUBG.

I don’t know whether it was the pandemic or the demographic of the game that made it top the charts, and now, it goes without saying that millions of people across the globe are playing this online game. In fact, it has even surpassed the popularity of esports and there are people who are making money out of just playing this game.

But these people are experts, which means they score a chicken dinner more times than they don’t. If you do not know what a chicken dinner is, it is the reward that you can claim after winning a PUBG game.

That being said, winning a chicken dinner isn’t easy, there are 24 other squads, or 49 other duos, or 99 other solo players fighting for the same. So, if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best.

How do you do that?

Below, we have got some cool PUBG Hacks that aren’t hacks in real life but will help you level up your game, and make you a better PUBG player!

1.Use Headphones

So many people mistake PUBG to be solely a visual game. In reality PUBG is a multi-sensory game that even allows two people to communicate in real-time.

Have you ever seen an Esports Athlete compete without headphones? This is because it helps in two things. One is communication, so if you are playing in a squad or duo, you need to constantly talk to your partners, and your headphones make the communication more efficient.

And secondly, PUBG allows you to hear the footsteps of enemies around when they have their headphones on. These sounds can guide you to plan your next move. A combination of clear communication, listening to your enemies’ footsteps, and planning a step ahead of your opponents, will take you closer to your chicken dinner.

2.The first jump

Not many people pay as much emphasis to the initial parachute landing, as much as they should. What I mean to say is, if you are aiming for the chicken dinner, it begins the moment you take a leap off the airplane. Where you land initially decides a lot of things. You want to land at a place that gives you rewarding loot.

Going in for exceptional loot also means you will be getting a lot of enemies, and there is always a risk of dying the moment you land. So, learn how to glide out of an airplane, and land at places where you won’t expect many people.

3.Heading towards the right location

When we talk about locations, two things come to mind. One, the place where you initially land, and two, where you are planning to head towards. Talking about the map Erangel, people rank some places like Georgopol, Pochiniki, Novo higher than others. These are hotspots, and as easy as it may be to get loot in these places, it is easier to get killed.

On the other hand, after looting such places, people like to head to places like The School, The Prison, or The Hospital, either to camp or to kill. I recommend you swap the idea. In fact, it’s wise to land at places like The School Apartments or The Prison and loot there. This will help you to survive at least the initial phase of the game.

4.Learn about your gun

PUBG is a very advanced game and the one thing that decides your win is Guns. There are advanced guns and then there are not-so advanced guns. Some guns work better for certain players, while it doesn’t work well for others. You need to explore to find what suits you the best. And since you can have two guns at all times, it’s always wise to keep a combination handy.

While some players use a sniper and assault rifle combination, some like to go with an assault rifle and machine gun combination. A few others also like a machine gun and snipping duo. You need to know what combination works for you and then play to your strengths.

Over to you…

PUBG is a vast game, and there are a lot of ways to play it and neither of them is right, or wrong. Some people like to camp and some people like to get a lot of kills. Just play to your strengths and revel in the Chicken Dinner!

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