Mattress and Box-Spring Shopping Advice

A box spring is a stable foundation for your mattress to sit on. The box spring mattress not only gives your bedroom an aesthetically pleasing look but also keeps the mattress from resting on the floor and gives you maximum comfort. Box spring mattresses act as a great shock absorber that supports your joints any time you get in and out of the bed. It also gives your mattress an extra height making your mobility easier as you get in and out of the bed. Having a box spring mattress not only benefits your sleeping pattern but also greatly benefits your mattress because it reduces wear and tear by providing a solid base for your bed. This results in your mattress sagging less thus increasing the longevity of your mattress.

So now the question arises do we need a box spring mattress?

Modern mattress as Memory foam mattress or hybrid mattress does not require or benefit from a box spring mattress. You must use a box spring or foundation with a metal frame.

What is a Box Spring?

A box spring is a support base for your mattress. It is covered with a cloth cover built with strong wood. Modern Boxspring is referred to as foundations and no longer feature interior springs as their predecessor of box spring used to do.

Box springs are referred to as bed bases. They are void of any spring and instead have a steel grid that is responsible for weight distribution across the surface of the whole mattress. Box springs are protection found underneath the mattress. They allow your new mattress a layer of protection from the bed frame. A  box spring can absorb the bodyweight of yours and can offer you and your mattress better support. Since buying a box spring mattress incurs an additional cost, some consumers skip buying box springs and many settle finding platform beds beneficial as it eliminates the need to buy a box spring.

For people who intend to purchase the spring-free memory foam mattress, then it is unnecessary to buy any box-spring mattress to support it. These mattresses are already firm underneath and come with solid surfaces without any spring, coils, and grids around them. Since they are already set to fit the form of the body that lays on top of it, it eliminates the need to buy a box spring.

Why Replace A Box Spring?

Like any good thing, wear and tear on a box spring is also inevitable. The older spring sags leaving a way for you to buy a new one. But a newer box springs for some years so it is advisable to re-use it. Innersprings mattresses complement a box spring mattress and vice-versa. When we use an innerspring mattress we tend to put a strain on its coil. Box springs are designed to absorb some of that shock and strain and ensure that the mattress lasts for a long time without weakening or sagging permanently. Box springs also contribute to the aesthetic feelings as they pass some height to the bed.

Simplest Mattress Buying Guide

Buying a mattress is already a difficult choice because of all the choices that are available in the market but a simple mattress guide explaining to you the basic sizes and mattress type will arm you with enough knowledge to help you find a perfect mattress.

Dimensions of the Mattress.

Here there are the various sizes of mattresses that are available in the market. You can choose the correct size of your mattress after identifying what your needs are.

Size Dimensions (In) Dimensions (Cm) Fits comfortably
Twin 38”x80”x11” 99.06×190.5×27.94 1 person
Twin XL 38”x75”x11” 99.06×203.2 x 27.94 1 person with a pet (small)
Full Mattress 54”x75”x11” 137.16 x190.5×27.94 2 adults. No pets
Queen 60”x 80”x11” 152.4 x 203.2×27.94 2 adults. No pets comfortably
King 76”x 80”x11” 193.04×203.2 x 27.94 2 adults with a large pet or kid.
California Kings 72 “x 84 “x11” 182.88×213.36 x 27.94 2 adults with multiple pets or children

Types of Mattress

As for size, there are also different mattresses based on what materials they are built with. Here are some of these mattress types that you can choose from based on your needs.

Ø  Innerspring mattress:-Most common, typical mattress. They provide good support and a wide range of firmness and measurements but they won’t be much durable.

Ø  Memory foam mattress:-It is one of the most expensive mattresses that are excellent for cushioning sore joints and aching muscles. They might be a little warmer than the other mattress.

Ø  Latex foam mattress:-These are similar to memory foam but their natural origin makes them more efficient than their memory foam counterpart they have more bounce and is very romance friendly and its natural layers act as natural coolers keeping the sleepers warm

Ø  Hybrid mattress:-A hybrid mattress provides the best of innerspring models. They are available with both memory and latex foam

Ø  Air mattress:-These mattresses allow you to set the firmness according to your convenience and might even tailor half the bed according to you and your partner’s needs.

After you are aware of the mattress types the mattress must also be protected with a Mattress protector which is an item of removing bedding that sits on top of a mattress or encloses a mattress to protect it. A deep pocket mattress cover works more efficiently as it not only protects the mattress from dust and dirt they also protect the sleepers from different allergens and irritants like dust, mites, bed bugs, mold, and dead skin. Mattress toppers are also designed with similar intentions but are intended for the mattress to be more comfortable.

Warranty and Trial

Either you buy a mattress online or physically from a shop. Do check on the warranty label. Most mattresses offer a minimum of a 100-day trial, before buying a mattress put the mattress into trial and see if it relates to your comfort level that you desire. Look for reviews but do not fall for them as the needs of individuals are different from one another.


Finally, we have drawn a comprehensive but brief guide on all aspects you need to look for while you buy a mattress or a box spring. We have also tried to identify if we need the box spring and what it can be replaced with. Though there are various other factors and various other guides to find what are the available options in the market. The most important thing about buying a mattress or its support base of a box spring or platform is to seed back and do a little research of what you need. then it will be much easier to find the mattress of your choice.


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