Moon Princess Slots by PlayNgo is very popular slot game in Japan

In today’s world, we all use the internet. Thanks to the Internet, we can now play many games online. There are many benefits to playing slot games online. If you are interested in playing slot games, then you can play Moon Princess Slot games.

Moon Princess (ムーンプリンセス) is a video slot developed by PlayNgo. In a typical video slot, the reels rotate, and you get a payout by arranging the displayed symbols. On the other hand, in Moon Princess, instead of spinning the reel, 5 x 5 = 25 symbols fall from the top, and when three or more of the same symbols are aligned, the symbols disappear, and the signs above them move down. It is a system that you can get a more significant dividend if you have all the symbols.

Features of Moon Princess Slots and how to play:

Moon Princess is not a slot where the reel rotates but a slot version of the so-called “falling game” where the pattern falls from the top of the screen. If the same way is connected, you will win, and you will get different payouts depending on the rank and number of the connected patterns.

The connected patterns disappear, and new patterns fall from above. Therefore, it is equipped with a multiplier that doubles the dividend when consolidated again and triples when reduced again, increasing the dividend ratio.

During play, three beautiful girl warriors will come out in turn and help you with unique abilities. For example, Love randomly changes the symbols on the screen into WILD patterns.

For Moon Princess Free Spins, first, choose one of the three beautiful girl warriors. The number of free spins you get depends on the character. It’s easy to hit during free spins, and if you can erase all of them, the multiplier will increase 100 times. It is the reason why Moon Princess is said to have incredible explosive power.

Contrary to its cute appearance, it is a slot with high volatility, and the reason why Moon Princess is so popular is that it has enormous explosive power when it hits.


The Moon Princess slot has a fairy tale slot design with four symbols with heart and bell patterns and three characters for each princess. And a total of 8 marks with 1 WILD will appear. If three of the same symbols are lined up vertically or horizontally, you will win, and a payout will be generated. The most prominent feature is that the princess symbol pays dividends even if they are different princesses. If you don’t have all the characters, the princess will come out and help you.

The Moon Princess (ムーン プリンセス) has a chain function, and after the symbols won in the first lottery disappear, the characters fall from above again, and the lottery is repeated. As the winning continues, the multiplier ratio will increase up to 20 times.

Also, when all three symbols disappear, a crescent-shaped WILD will appear, making it easier to chain. If you succeed in erasing the symbols on the entire screen with this combo barrage, you will enter the long-awaited free spins!

Moon Princess Slot Summary:

Instead of the mainstream reel-type slots, the Moon Princess is a “grid-type” slot where you can feel as if you are playing a puzzle game with a very high level of gameplay. Animation is a slot game that is very beautiful and has a slightly more mature feel than Sailor Moon, and is very popular with princesses.

Contrary to its cute appearance, it is one of the reasons why slotters are popular because it is a slot with high volatility. Places with high volatility are hard to hit small, but they are significant when hit, so you may think that “Moon Princess cannot win” by playing a little, but it is fun because it is up to 20 times the multiplier. It’s a complete online slot with explosive power.