Moving to Fort Lauderdale this fall

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Fort Lauderdale is a southeastern coastal city in Florida. Its beauty paired with a complex canal system has earned it the following nickname – The Venice of Florida. From its amazing beaches, tasty food, art scene, and generally good vibes, it is the perfect place in Florida for a weekend getaway. But, if you are considering moving to Fort Lauderdale this fall, you probably want to know more about the city than your average tourist. If this is the case, you have come to the right place.

So, the picture we have sketched about Fort Lauderdale is probably music to your ears. Its unique geography and vibrant community make it a very interesting and welcoming city for visitors and locals alike.

However, you will be pleased to hear that Fort Lauderdale’s economy and job opportunities are in expansion. Paired with affordable, yet quality real estate, this city is experiencing an unprecedented influx of young people coming here from other states and cities in Florida. This means there is never a dull moment here, whether you are a young professional or a young parent. So, let’s dig in deeper and see what Fort Lauderdale, FL is all about.

The low cost of living in Fort Lauderdale

If you look at the official statistics, Fort Lauderdale is 16% more expensive than the national average. Being the 7th most expensive Florida city in terms of costs of living, this piece of info might sound discouraging. However, Fort Lauderdale is in practice as accessible as any other city in South Florida.

As there is no income tax in Florida, you are able to balance out your living costs and settle comfortably in Fort Lauderdale. The rule of thumb says that an annual income of $80,000 should be more than enough for setting yourself up for success in Fort Lauderdale. This city is also famous for its fantastic healthcare system that is even slightly cheaper than the South Florida average.

Admittedly, in some Fort Lauderdale areas the prices can get hefty. However, living in Fort Lauderdale is definitely less expensive than living in Miami. You can lower you rent even more if you find a roommate in Fort Lauderdale. If you plan to move to Florida in the near future but still do not have a definitive plan where and how, you can always contact a trustworthy moving company such as Pro Movers Miami and get all relevant information about packing, transporting, and settling in Miami or other Florida cities. Getting professionals to help you with the move should help reduce the tension and stress of relocating to another state or city.

Fort Lauderdale has an active, welcoming community

As we already mentioned, the local community is one of the reasons why moving to Fort Lauderdale this fall may be the perfect decision. Many locals are committed to a healthy, active lifestyle. This is great news for people who are looking forward to making positive changes in their life. You will be able to hike and exercise in one of the many Fort Lauderdale parks and recreational facilities. Not to mention the many fantastic beaches where you can enjoy your workouts and hangouts!

Fort Lauderdale is synonymous with fantastic beaches and other outdoor areas.

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In fact, this city is perfect for outdoorsy types. Our favorite locations are Esplanade Park, Colee Hammock Park, and Secret Woods Nature Center. Yet, the list of great spots and locations goes on almost indefinitely.

What’s more, you will quickly find like-minded, friendly people who you can partner up with and spend your free time running, jogging, walking in nature, skateboarding, riding your bike, kayaking… Pursuing your hobbies is all the rage in Fort Lauderdale. So, there is a lot of fun in store for you and your family if you decide to move here.

Fort Lauderdale is a great city for families

Speaking of families, most parents are delighted with all that Fort Lauderdale has to offer. Even though the residents are generally seniors, many young people have flocked the city in recent years. This trend has improved the local community in more ways than one. There are many neighborhoods that are great for raising children, and many public schools have a stellar reputation.

Fort Lauderdale is safe and exciting at the same time.

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Aside from its active community and prime waterfront location, Fort Lauderdale is also a safe city with a low crime rate. Its cultural life is also very progressive. With a boatload of museums, galleries, theaters, historical sites, you and your kids will flourish if you decide to move to this great, open-minded city. In case you decide to move to or within Fort Lauderdale, local experts can be of help while you are preparing for the move.

Many outstanding employment opportunities are one of the reasons to consider moving to Fort Lauderdale this fall

If you are in desperate need of a career change, exploring Fort Lauderdale’s job market might be the solution to your problems. This city has experienced a great increase with regard to job openings. This means you should have no troubles with finding adequate employment. What’s more, the work climate is also very positive, especially since it is predominantly oriented toward the extremely developed hospitality sector.

Many influential companies have their offices in Fort Lauderdale.

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In addition, Fort Lauderdale has a low unemployment rate. This means you will be able to find adequate work regardless of your skillset, education, and qualifications. So it comes at no surprise that there are many successful companies such as AutoNation, SmartWater CSI, SFN Group and other employers where you will be able to seek employment near your Fort Lauderdale home.

All in all, we hope this short article has prepared you for moving to Fort Lauderdale this fall. If this brief sketch of what living in Fort Lauderdale really looks like has inspired you to explore this city even more, then we consider our job well done.


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