Netflix Parental Controls and How to Set Them on your Netflix

With the numerous contents from various genres in the entertainment industry, it may be hard to restrict what content is most suitable for your children. In addition, adult-rated content might pop up in the various entertainment platforms even when your children are viewing.

Netflix created a version of their streaming platform just for kids in 2012, which only shows content appropriate for children. However, it might not be the ultimate way to protect the kids from bumping into dirty content. Trailers and inappropriate advertisements may still pop up. Kids these days may also know how to switch accounts to the main one with no restrictions.

Netflix provides parental controls, which help parents tailor kids’ entertainment profiles and only access family movies on Netflix that are appropriate to watch. They also enable you to restrict access to your account by anyone without a PIN code. This article is prepared to guide you on ways you can utilize the available new settings from Netflix.

How to Block Shows on Netflix

In order to prevent your children from getting exposed to uncensored content, the best option may be to block the shows you do not want them to watch and make them inaccessible on their Netflix profile. Netflix, therefore, has features that allow you to restrict particular shows you think are not suitable for viewing by your child. There are a few steps to making the necessary adjustments. These are:

  • First, go to your account from a browser.
  • Then select the option for profiles and parental controls.
  • Get the restrictions on viewing adjusted.
  • Type in your account password.
  • Select restrictions and search the specific show
  • Select it from the list that appears
  • Press submit or save changes.

Any program you choose and block gets removed from your viewing preferences or suggestions in your profile.

How to set up a Kid’s Profile

Having a profile tailored just for kids makes parents’ work easier than listing out shows one by one and blocking them would be. Netflix for kids filters movies and shows that are not recommended for kids. With a Netflix account, creating a kid’s version is quickly done by following these few steps:

  • Start by selecting the manage profiles page.
  • Select the option for adding a profile and adding a new one.
  • Label the profile you have created.
  • Choose kids option to use the Netflix Kids filters
  • Select continue and save changes

The new profile is characterized by a yellow logo reading “kids.” A single Netflix account allows the creation of up to five profiles. The kids’ version will appear on your profile list and won’t access the account settings. These steps can work both in the Netflix account and also on the website.

Setting up a PIN for a Netflix profile

What if the kids can easily navigate through the various profiles in your account? This means they know how to switch from the kids’ profiles to the others with minimal show restrictions. Having a unique PIN code that secures the main profile keeps it out of their reach. So, to set a secure PIN for securing your profile, one should follow the following steps:

  • Open your account from a browser.
  • Select the profile you want to block access.
  • Choose the profiles and parental controls option.
  • Select profile lock, then provide your password.
  • Make a unique PIN code for the profile.
  • Continue by submitting the new PIN.

Following the above steps will make the selected profile secure and only accessible if one has the PIN. Therefore, even if they can navigate through profiles, they do not know the PIN code for the profile and won’t access it. Setting up these parental controls might not be possible without using the updated parental controls. How does one get these new parental controls?

Getting the updated parental controls

Despite setting up parental controls available on your Netflix, they do not always deliver enough to satisfy the expectations. For example, mature content might still pop up on your profiles despite having enabled parental controls. The main reason may be due to Netflix updating their parental control features. So, to get the desired results, these steps should guide you:

  • First, use a browser to access your account.
  • Click on parental controls if there is a link to accessing them.
  • Select the parental controls and update them.
  • Ensure you save changes.

Suppose your account is already using the up-to-date parental controls. In that case, there won’t be a link to open the parental controls. However, after updating them, some new features get activated. For example, selecting the maturity limit for content, setting a PIN code for access to a given profile, and reviewing the list of programs you have blocked.


To protect our kids and also uphold their good moral values, filtering the content they have access to will ensure they do not cross into content that will be inappropriate for their intake. Netflix has made that possible, and this article has shown us how.

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