PDF vs. Word – Benefits & Uses

Since 2001, workplaces have constantly been upgrading their work environment, and employees all around the globe have been using a computer at work. The occupational use of computers has also introduced software upgrades, the use of printers, word documents, etc.

With the increasing trend of digitization, especially after the pandemic, computers, the internet, smartphones, tabs, and other electronic devices have become the primary means of conducting business, communicating, arranging virtual meetings, and even seeking online education.

That said, let us have a look at how PDF differs from Word and, depending on the task at hand, when one should use each. Read on to learn more!

Printing a Document

Despite the fact that companies, businesses, and people, in general, are trying to go paperless, save more trees, and protect nature, sometimes, it can get hard to not print documents. If the objective is to produce high-quality printed documents, we recommend using PDF.

The underlying reason is that PDF offers high-resolution images. In other words, you won’t have to fear that you won’t get what you see on the screen. PDF also incorporates the option of the transfer of print-ready files, which ensures that the receiving end doesn’t need to re-touch or rework the file.

Displaying Online Content

If you want to display a high-quality document, such as a user manual or a newsletter, and display them on the internet, we recommend using PDF. PDF also ensures that your content remains secure and that it is only readable. Because no one will be able to alter the content, you can have the peace of mind that it will display correctly each time it is opened on the internet.

Since PDF files and PDF online content are easily searchable and behave like a webpage on their own, you can include bookmarks, a table of content, and even hyperlinks of intra-documents. Check here:

Editing a Document

For editing a document, you will want to use the Word format. We all know that Word is a potent document editor. It includes all kinds of tools for forming and composition, making it easier to edit, correct, write, and rewrite large areas of text.

The integrated Word tools also allow you to easily change the page flow, text size, font style, and so much more. With a PDF file, you might face certain limitations when it comes to editing text. Compared to PDF, Word is also excellent for extracting and reusing images.

PDF – Ideal for Business Documents

Since PDF files retain their exact appearance, they are considered ideal for the sending and receiving of business documents. PDF ensures the integrity of the documents and keeps them secure so that no one can alter and change the text of the documents.


PDF is ideal for business documentation and the exchange of documents between users. On the other hand, Word is ideal for editing text, reusing images, and word processing. For viewing and sharing a document, we recommend using PDF. If the PDF needs to be edited, just convert it to Word, do the needful, and convert it into PDF.

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