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Nowadays everyone wants to invest in the stock market, but due to a lack of knowledge, most people are not interested to do investing. So that’s why most people have only one income source. Did you know that if you put your money in the bank then their value will be decreased by 3% that term is called the depreciation of money? Every year your money will be depreciated by 3%.

Following are the 5 stocks that you should invest in right now.

1. Vodafone Idea

Vodafone Idea is a Telecom Service Company founded in 1995 by Mr.Ravinder Takkar. These stocks are penny stocks trades in near about 11.20 Rs. But due to a lot of debts in the company its trade price going down since last 3 months or more than that.  The reason behind stocks down is the company is not performed well in the Indian market segment so that its funds were finished. But on August 18th government relief packages were declared to telecom industries and since that day it is going up and momentum is still going. It gives 85.95% of returns on your stock.

2. Trident

Trident is a textile company founded in 1990 by Mr.Rajinder Gupta. These stocks are penny stocks trades in near about 24.35. The market Cap of the trident is 11,865 Cr. And Returns on equity is 9.59%. These stocks will go up just because the demand for cotton and silk in the market is high since July.  Also 92% capacity utilization in the bed linen segment. Pre-payment of a term loan of ~ INR 650 Cr in FY 2021. These stocks give 18.16% of returns since august 2021 month.

 3. Reliance Infrastructure

Reliance infrastructure is working on the electric utility sector founded in 1929 by Ambani. These stocks are penny stocks trades in near about 98.00 Rs. Market Cap is 2,487 Cr. And returns on equity is -5.60. These stocks will be going up because Reliance Infrastructure will receive about 7,100 Crore from Delhi Metro Rail Corp (DMRC) following on arbitral award in its favor and will use the proceeds to make the company and its Reliance Power Subsidiary debt-free, chairman Anil Ambani told it’s shareholders.

For the quarter ended 30-06-2021, the company has reported a consolidated total income of Rs 4,623.17 Crore, up 27% from last quarter Total Income of Rs 4,610.72 Crore and up 22.08% from last year same quarter. These penny stocks give returns of 54.33% since August 2021.

4.  GTL Infrastructure

GTL Infrastructure Limited (GTL Infra). a Global Group Enterprise is India’s independent telecom Tower Company. It is a pioneer in the Shared Passive Telecom Infrastructure space in India.GTL Infrastructure is working in the Telecom Services sector founded in 2004 by Manoj Tirodkarr. These stocks are penny stocks trades in near about 1.85 Rs. Market Cap is 2,270 Cr. And returns on equity -252..31%. These stocks have higher chances to grow in the future because recently airtel company is recently tested their 5g network connections successfully and these telecom services and network provides companies are associated with GTL Infrastructure. If you hold these stocks for 1 year it will give you 80-90 % of returns on investment. Which is higher than any FDs, Debentures, and Mutual Funds.

5. Tata Teleservices

Tata Teleservices is working on the Telecom Services sector founded in the year 1995, It’s a small-cap company having a market cap of Res 7,262.56 Crore. Tata Teleservices key products/ revenue segments include telecommunication services and other revenue for the year ending 31-Mar-2021. For the quarter ended 30-06-2021, the company has reported a standalone total income of 270.18 Crore, up 1.12% from last quarter Total Income of Rs267.20 Crore and up 9.02% from last year same quarter total income of Rs.247.82 Crore. The company has reported net profit after tax of Rs -318.45 Crore in the latest quarter. These stocks have zero shares mortgage. These stocks are trading near about 34.85 Rs on September 21th 2021. Also, it gives returns of 1009.52% from last year. If you wish to invest in Tata Teleservices hold it for the long term.

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Author: Ankit Kalamkar

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