Perfect is IN – Choosing the Best Tan in Boca Raton

Change is inevitable, and it is the only constant in the world of today. Just as clothing trends keep reinventing, so do facial and bodily appearances – sometimes thin is in while sometimes curvy sets the hotness meter soaring.

Similarly, pasty, lifeless skin is a thing of the past – the new-age world demands a healthy, glowing skin with a bit of colour in it. 

But, spending hours on the beach to get a nice tan is such a waste of time. The alternative of visiting the best tanning salons seems to be the choice of the hour for many beauty enthusiasts.

The best tan for you

While getting a sunless tan is not that difficult, getting the right colour for your skin is a different ball game altogether. 

Here are some tips that will help you get the best tan:

  • Most tanning salons in Florida offer an extensive range of tanning options, like sunbed, sprays, and more. Understand each option in detail and compare their pros and cons with your own tanning needs before you decide on one. 
  • Don’t go for cheap products. Most of them are orange-based, which may give you that famous ‘orange’ look of Ross Geller from the hit TV series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  • Never go far too dark. Try and keep your shade as close to your natural skin colour as possible. For example, if you are naturally fair, just go two-three shades darker, while if you are dark-complexioned, go max three-four shades darker for that beautiful glow-y hue.
  • Always go for a patch test. Ask your tanning salon in Boca Raton to do one on a skin area that’s not usually out on display. Once the colour is set, check how it looks and go for a full body only if you are sure it will look nice.
  • Use a gradual tanning moisturiser to enhance the life of your tan. It will keep the skin hydrated and make the tan last longer than a week.
  • Always, always prepare your skin well in advance for the tanning session. Shave and exfoliate a couple of days before and apply a light moisturiser that will be absorbed fully before the tanning spray is applied to your skin. This will help you avoid tan unevenness and streaks.
  • You should also take before and after pictures of your tanning session. Sometimes, after spray tanning, some people feel they aren’t tanned at all. That is just a trick played by your mind, especially if the colour has set flawlessly. Take these pics in natural sunlight and then compare the two to see your tan. If you still feel the colour is light, you can go for a darker shade. 

You can get an impeccable bronzed look at the Boca Tanning Club. This top-notch salon offers the best-possible tanning solutions and more to all its clients. Its team of tan experts have years of experience behind them and use the latest techniques to ensure awesome results every single time. 



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