Power Tools List: Types Comparison

Power tool is the most commonly used type of machine or device despite the industry or type of material to be worked on. Most of the tools under the power tools list are powered by a source of energy outside of manpower. The source of power for the basic power tools can be electricity, gas actuated fastening tool, motor or something else. However, the types of power tools that use energy from gasoline are restricted to be used for garden requirements.

The most popular kind of power tools are the ones that use electricity and are utilized in almost every industry. The help these types of tools do is very huge because they make even the impossible or extremely tough kind of tasks easy to complete. The tools in the power tools list are quite vastly used but the usage and the way these work differ from each other. The type of power tool used by a metal worker will be completely different from a type of power tool used by a mechanic. In this blog, we are going to compare and contrast among the tools in this most popular power tools list. So without further delay, let’s dive in.

Different types of power tools

  • Power drill

Power drill or the cordless drill, as the name suggests is an electronic drill that can be charged using electricity and works by storing this energy in rechargeable batteries. These are the most common in this power tools list and are mostly used in workshops, construction sites and workshops. These are the types of power tools that every household or construction site must have. These are wireless and hence makes it very easy and portable. The strong tips and functioning of these tools allows them to drive screws even through the thickest planks of wood.

These are also very convenient as these are lighter and leaner. Also the cordless feature of these power drills makes this easily portable. They can be used for creating holes in walls, woods or various other tough surfaces. These are also effective as a fastener for fixing screws on various surfaces.

  • Impact Drivers

The impact drivers are very similar to power drills but these are used for an entirely different purpose. These are used to perform hammering like actions. These allow easier control over speed and clutch settings. These work in concussive blowing technique and are very effective to get smaller and simpler things done. This can also be used for fixing and tightening anything like tightening nuts. If you are looking for a tool that has power, speed and torque, the impact driver would be the best option to choose from among the power tools list.

  • Hammer Drill

Also referred to as a percussion drill, this power tool is very effective to drill on hard surfaces. These work in a hammering motion by utilizing its rotary hammer form. These will provide you rapid results and succession without having to spend too much time or physical effort. The two sets of toothed gears that use mechanical interaction to rotate the drill bit and bore holes and do the fastening.

These are mostly used by masons and are effective in drilling concrete, masonry and stones. These are also used in creating holes in the concrete footings. However these are much bulkier than regular drills.

  • Rotary Hammer

The rotary hammer is the most suited type among the power tools list to perform all the heavy duty jobs systematically, be it chiseling or drilling. Similar to hammer drills, these are effective to pound through their spinning mechanism. These can easily give you an energetic impact than a regular hammer drill. Instead of special clutches, the rotary hammer uses a piston mechanism to deliver faster and stronger blows. As these are larger than the rest of the types of power tools, these will give you better force with its electro-pneumatic system.


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