Printer Toner vs. Ink: What’s the Difference?

According to a recent survey, over 91 percent of U.S citizens use a printer. That means that despite the world increasingly becoming digital, many people still prefer printed documents. But, the only issue when thinking about printed documents is which is better, printer toner or printer ink?

If you’ve dwelled on this question, then today, we’ll help you find out the answer to the age-old debate about toner vs ink.

Printer Ink Printing Quality

First of all, let’s discuss what is inside an ink cartridge to understand the difference better. Printer ink contains a liquid (ink) that is primarily chemical, colorant, and water. When you print a document using ink, the inkjet sprays tiny droplets of ink, which results in a clear and vibrant quality document.

Of course, the issue with ink is that it’s susceptible to smudging, especially if you print an image or document with lots of colors. Fortunately, more advanced ink printers have a special type of ink that dries far quicker than normal.

Printer Toner Printing Quality

If you have a laser printer, you most likely are familiar with the printing quality of toners. But did you know that printer toners are made up of finely ground plastic particles? When you print a document, the laser printer melts the plastic particles, so it “sticks” to the paper.

Another huge difference is that instead of individual cartridges, a laser printer has one drum unit. In addition, some laser printers come with a built-in drum, which means you’ll never have to replace the whole drum when the toner runs out. But, of course, the best printer toner drum can last a very long time before needing to replace or refill it.

Who Should Use Printer Ink?

An inkjet printer is mainly for people who only print small quantities of documents or pictures. That’s why an inkjet printer is best used by families, photographers, and small offices. But, of course, if you print a lot, then an inkjet printer will end up being quite expensive.

The main reason being that you need to purchase individual ink cartridges. Most inkjet printers need black and tri-color ink cartridges, while others need cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, and light magenta. In the end, inkjet printers can be a lot more expensive than laser printers.

Who Should Use Printer Toner?

People or companies that print a significant amount of documents daily usually have a laser printer. That’s because toner drums have the capability of printing thousands of documents without losing too much toner. If a toner drum only lasts you less than a hundred prints, then you may have printer problems.

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Will You Use Printer Toner or Printer Ink?

As you can see, when deciding which is better, printer toner or ink, you’re the only one that can decide. Just remember that if you plan to print a lot, then a laser printer is the one you should get. If not, then an inkjet will get the job done.

What type of printer do you use? Let us know in the comment section! And if you want to read more interesting topics about health, fitness, and technology, be sure to check out our other posts!

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